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Behold news of trans-dimensional awesomeness: Doctor Who wants to be on The Walking Dead!

During a Q & A at Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con, former resident of the T.A.R.D.I.S., Matt Smith, was asked which other popular show he'd like to appear in, responding:

I love The Walking Dead, that would be cool.

I'll just give you a couple of seconds to reflect on the enormity of that statement, because if there's anything that is awesome enough to cause the internet to collapse in on itself thus creating a black hole that sucks in all the dark matter of the universe, it's the thought of a Time Lord stomping on a zombie's head.

I don't know how these things normally work, but we should start a campaign to get Smith a role on TWD just so we could see him share some screen time with Norman Reedus. We'd have to give the internet plenty of warning beforehand though. Safety first and all that.

Would you like to see Matt Smith appear on The Walking Dead? Let m know in the comments what role you'd like to see him play.

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