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True Detective from HBO has had an explosion of visual greatness on TV. With Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.

Two detectives that solve cases in Louisiana... or do they?

I believe that TD has visuals. From the low angle shots to the helicopter shots of them driving down the back roads of Louisiana. The cinematography has been raised from average to high quality. From the visionary eye of Cary Fukunaga who directed Jane Eyre, which was released in 2011. And from the creative mind of Nic Pizzolatto who wrote two episodes of The Killing which premiered on the AMC network in 2011 and still is running now.

With True Detective just being released in January 2014, there is a wide ranged audience for the HBO original show. It's as if CSI and Law and Order had a messed up atheist love child and True Detective was it's name. With Woody's character being a church goer and Matthew's character being a non-church goer who believes the human race is an accident, as partners. The characters both play off well with each other. From the splattered mind of Rust Chloe to the messed up cases they solve in the bayous and backyards of the f**k ups portrayed in the show.

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Is True Detective a good show?


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