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I have listed 5 TV shows that I thought got cancelled too soon and could have been developed further into get TV series.


It revolves around the lives of the fictional characters Sarah and John Connor, following the events of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Although sometimes the acting was the strongest, I loved the characters and storyline and the left the fans on a excellent cliffhanger for season 3 which will never come =(


Great show, and I'm sure everyone knows or has heard of this one. The show itself explores the lives of a group of people who fought on the losing side of a civil war and others who now make a living on the outskirts of society, as part of the pioneer culture that exists on the fringes of their star system. In this future, the only two surviving superpowers, the United States and China, fused to form the central federal government, called the Alliance, resulting in the fusion of the two cultures. Thankfully it did get a movie which helped ease the pain.


Jericho is an American action/drama September 11 attacks-based series that centers on the residents of the fictional post-apocalyptic town of Jericho, Kansas, in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States. It also had a great cast including Morgan from The Walking Dead and finished on a rushed cliff hanger.

Legend Of The Seeker

The series follows the journeys of long awaited Seeker named Richard Cypher, a Confessor named Kahlan Amnell, a wizard named Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander, and a warrior named Cara as they defend against tyranny and destruction. The also had a great Villain in Darken Rahl played by Craig Parker who was also in LOTRs and Spartacus.


Invasion is an American science fiction television series. Somewhat similar to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the show told the story of the aftermath of a hurricane in which water-based creatures infiltrate a small Florida town and begin to take over the bodies of the town's inhabitants through a cloning process first by merging with and then unknowingly replacing them. This show had some great twists and storyline and end on a huge cliff hanger that will now never be resolved.

So that's my list, what do you think? Do you think any other shows could be included. What shows would you like to have come back and finish off what they started?


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