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Okay so many of you have heard that Ben McKenzie from Southland will play the young Jim Gordon in the new show Gotham which is in the works for the 2014-2015 television. Gotham is created by Bruno Heller, who also created the hit show The Mentalist. Now I have some ideas for the show. Instead of having it like every other cop show out there, I would really love to see Young Jim run into the hall of fame of the Batman villains. Joker, Two Face, Bane, The Penguin, Riddler, etc. Just when they are getting their names out there. Joker and Riddler could be theft experts. Pulling off heists, robberies, etc. Two Face could be a corrupt politician trying to climb the ladder to Mayor by any means necessary, Bane could be the muscle for The Penguin who could run the drugs/weapons/etc. throughout Gotham, Catwoman could be guessed it a thief trying to make ends meet and runs into the wrong crowd...Joker and Riddler. Those are my ideas for the show, may not happen, but I would love to see that. Now for my Fan Cast for those top villains. Do you like my picks or do you have other suggestions? Please leave out insults, comment below if you would like to discuss my fan cast.

Michael Emerson as The Riddler

Ben Daniels as The Joker

Ken Hudson Campbell as The Penguin

David Keith as Bane

Michel Gill as Two Face

Emmy Rossum as Catwoman

Thank you for reading and taking a look at my fan cast.


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