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At the announcement of Captain America 2's subtitle being The Winter Soldier, major comic book fans were almost instantly heartbroken. Those who know the comics well know Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, dies in The Winter Soldier comic series. However, Chris Evans' casting in The Avengers: Age of Ultron has since guaranteed there will be no real death of Steve Rogers in the film, but that doesn't mean other characters can't die.

The latest trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier shows Black Widow and Captain America mourning the death of a character. We're given a very select amount of hints on who this character is, and quite possibly just enough hints to find the man beneath the veil. This character is going to be a very influential person to both Captain America and Black Widow especially, as well as uninfluential to Maria Hill. The person also has to be part of the cast of the movie.


Captain America in the upcoming Winter Soldier jumping at a SHIELD fighter aircraft while it is under control of one of the many enemies in the film.
Captain America in the upcoming Winter Soldier jumping at a SHIELD fighter aircraft while it is under control of one of the many enemies in the film.

Black Widow, as an ex-Russian assassin, has a very hardened heart, and therefore values only a very select handful of people. Nick Fury is someone who Black Widow obviously respects, and is the logical answer, but Maria Hill is not paying her respects to her comrade and friend? This pretty much eliminates Nick Fury. But what about a romantic interest of Black Widow's? Yes, Hawkeye is her love interest in The Avengers, but this doesn't mean it couldn't be an ex.

According to the comics, The Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes: Captain America's best friend who fell to his "death" in the first movie. When Bucky awoke, he had amnesia, and was trained as a Russian assassin, where he briefly dated Black Widow. During his fall, he also lost his arm, and obtained a bionic metal arm, which can be seen all throughout the trailers. I bet you didn't see that one coming, now did you?

So the Winter Soldier is indeed the only person who is really significant to Black Widow, Captain America, and not to Maria Hill. Oh, but wait, there are still two more huge plot twists that cannot go unaddressed. In the comics, when Steve Rogers dies, the Winter Soldier is the man who becomes the next Captain America! So he can't die! There's only one answer to this: Marvel's famous after-credits scenes. Inside reports show there are two after-credits scenes, and I have no doubt a Winter Soldier revival will be one of them, as well as the second scene being reported to feature two new superheroes who will debut in The Avengers: Age of Ultron; Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Well, what's the last plot twist that can't go unaddressed? This one is right in front of your eyes, I'm actually quite surprised if you missed it really. If the Winter Soldier is really a good character... then who's the real villain? There's two possible answers to this: Red Skull and Crossbones. Crossbones is a new character to the movie franchise, as well as the murderer of Steve Rogers in the comics. At first glance, he is the obvious choice for the true villain, like Nick Fury was for the character-to-die. On the other hand, Alexander Pierce, another new character, was revealed to be a villain by the actor portraying him: Robert Redford.

Aleksander Lukin was an undercover Russian in the Winter Soldier comics, who turned out to be the Red Skull wearing a new mask than he used to wear during World War II when we saw him last. Could Alexander Pierce secretly be the Red Skull? Could the Winter Soldier be the man beneath the veil? Everyone will have to wait and see!

Captain America 2 premieres April 4th, 2014 in Digital IMAX and 3D.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is to be unveiled soon according to the MPAA. According to President Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios, The movie will play a significant role in Avenger's 2.


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