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There are lots of movies that would be awesome if they cross over characters and make versus movies so here are some that need to be made.


Spider-Man needs to be in the next Avengers film or at least the third one! Also, put Fantastic Four and X-Men in there and make Marvel Civil War into a movie, which would be the best Marvel movie ever made, maybe even the best comic book movie ever made. Now I know it would be expensive, but just split the money three ways with between the companies and you are all set! This would be amazing!

Aliens Vs Predator Reboot

An Aliens Vs Predator Reboot needs to happen like right now! Listen, AVP was alright, not the best but it was alright. However, AVP Requiem failed on all levels, so this film needs a reboot and keep Paul W.S Anderson away from it! My personal idea for this reboot is that it would be similar to Aliens, like the Colonial Marines find a absolutely huge spacecraft filled with Xenomorphs and as they are blasting away at the Xenomorphs, the Predator comes in and is killing the Colonial Marines because they are killing the Xenomorphs and the Xenomorphs are the Predator's ultimate prey so they are jealous that the Colonial Marines are taking their kills and then we have our movie, I personally think my idea sounds badass, but you probably think different like most fanboys do. Come on, it has been almost ten years since the first film so give us the rebooted awesome movie we deserve!

Robocop Vs. Terminator Vs. Judge Dredd

Now this would be a freaking awesome movie, even with just Robocop Versus Terminator the plot could be like the Terminator has a new model out that can now travel through dimensions and goes into Robocop's universe where something is happening, not sure what though. I would also like a Robocop Versus Judge Dredd movie or maybe just a Judge Dredd Vs Aliens crossover (which is already a comic book) but imagine a Robocop Vs Terminator Vs Judge Dredd film! Now imagine all the money for that! Now I would buy that for a dollar!

Godzilla/Pacific Rim Crossover

This movie almost freaking happened! Del Toro said that he has expressed interest in doing a crossover between Pacific Rim and 2014's Godzilla, and that my friends, would amazing. I am a life-long Godzilla fan, ever since I was 3 I loved the movies, I had the toys and everything, my parents would import them for me! I owned all the movies and the game that started my interest in video games was also one of the first games I ever played, "Godzilla: Save The Earth" on Playstation 2, every friday when I got home from kindergarten I would rent a movie and that game, I love Godzilla and hopefully the movie is awesome and I thought that Pacific Rim was spectacular! So imagine Godzilla shooting his nuclear breath at a Jaeger! My plot would be that Godzilla has risen and now Jaegers are being built to take down the King Of The Monsters, and after Godzilla has destroyed lots of Jaegers, a robot version of Godzilla is built with missiles and lasers, and it is called "MechaGodzilla"! I think that would be the perfect way to bring MechaGodzilla into the new Godzilla films! This would be one of the best giant-monster movies ever!

Now if only they could somehow make The Avengers Vs Robocop Vs Terminator Vs Judge Dredd Vs Aliens Vs Predator Vs Godzilla, otherwise known as "The Best Movie Ever Made"


What Crossover Do You Wanna See Happen?


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