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I've been trying to think of things I'd really like to see in a Justice League movie, things that would make the child in me scream in glee. Here are what I'm hoping for:

1. The Watchtower

I love the comic book representations of the JLA Watchtower. I love how it hovers over the planet, a silent guardian for Earth and the Galaxy. I love how all the heroes are represented within it, and how amazing of an architectural marvel it is. I know it might not be a realistic dream, but I'd love to see it raised at the end of the movie, as a sort of rising sun for the age of the JLA.

2. Nightwing

I've heard rumors of Nightwing appearing in Batman v. Superman, as a sort of balance for the older, more cynical Batman. I've heard plenty of rumors on actors who are supposed to be looking at the role, and my favorite rumor is Logan Lerman. I want to see him appear in the Justice League. I want to see how he is viewed within the DC Universe, and how his relationship is with the other heroes, especially given that he is combative, at times, with Batman.

3. Political backlash from the formation of the JLA.

I realize this is an odd dream for a kid to have, but it is obviously integral to the the storyline. the government had problems with the JLA in the comic books, the government had issue with Iron Man, but I think in Iron Man it was used enough. If they use a political backdrop as a key plot line for the movie, I think the movie gains a lot greater intrigue in depth. Maybe I'm being Captain Obvious, but that's how I feel about it.

4. The Appearance of Darkseid

I know I know, there are a lot of awesome villains to use, from both Superman and Batman story lines. However, using Darkseid builds a whole additional universe, in theory. It allows for a massive universe to be unveiled, a massive plethora of characters and endless plot lines for the inevitable sequels. It creates the most obvious problem of all: Can the JLA defeat a God? How powerful are they together? What's lengths will they go to in order to win?

5. Lex Luthor as POTUS.

This directly plays into the third dream. Obviously, he would be the driving force behind political pressure to disband the JLA. I could see him claiming the JLA is committing treason and forming an enemy army against the United States. I think it would be an amazing set of dialogue between President Luthor and the JLA.

Just wishful thinking. What do you think?


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