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The destruction of the homes of Avengers members seems to be a recurring theme throughout the trailers of the latest Marvel films. From the obliteration of Tony Stark's cliffside mansion to the relocation of Thor to Earth and the destruction of the Helicarrier in The Winter Soldier, Marvel almost seems to have a vendetta against the heroes' homes. As I always say, when it comes to Marvel, there are never coincidences! It makes sense that they would do so, because the Avengers are about to get a new home together.

It was first revealed that the Avengers Tower (called Avengers Mansion in the comics) would be making its way into the film universe at the end of The Avengers when the picture above was found in the footage of the movie, when Tony Stark browses through some blueprints. 'But I don't see anything but blueprints!' you say, but lets take a closer look at some things in the picture, shall we?

Zoomed in captures from the blueprints.
Zoomed in captures from the blueprints.

The entire image is labeled "Avengers Tower Training Area" by the yellow tag that encircles it. Each individual blueprint has a logo in the top corner: Thor's Hammer, Hawkeye's bow, Captain's shield, Ironman's helmet, Black Widow's logo, and Hulk's DNA. Another tag on the image most seemingly says "Firing Range". Ironically enough, the same font is used in a picture for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy that reads "Nova Corps" foreshadowing the superhero Nova possibly appearing in the future, but that's another story.

Joe DiAngelo, the manufacturer of the Canali System, a highly advanced workout machine, revealed that he had approved the use of the machine in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will undoubtedly be in the confirmed Avengers Tower Training Area. Despite initial filming starting this week, DiAngelo's machine will not be needed for filming until April, meaning the filming of Avengers Tower will be in April as well.

Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters May 1st, 2015.


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