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Nate Hallinan

These are some Green Lantern concept variations I recently did in my free time. In contrast to the first film, where the suits seemed to reflect the anatomy of each GL, I decided to explore the route of a galactic defender; considering stars, nebulae, and elements (like alloys/minerals/crystals) imagery.

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I have no idea if or when the next Green Lantern movie will occur, but lets just say the first film didn't quite stand up to the popular reboot Batman had with Christian Bale as the The Dark Knight. While the overall quality of a film falls on the many people working on it, I believe Idris Elba could easily take the character of John Stewart to that level we all hope for. Personally, he's easily one of my favorite actors when you consider the TV series Luther and many of his other blockbuster appearances. Furthermore, I'm not the only one when you consider the numerous Green Lantern/Idris Elba photo-manipulations you can find out there.

What do I know, I'm just a concept artist. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them.

- Nate
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