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With Ben McKenzie cast as young Gotham detective Jim Gordon, the rest of the new cast of Fox's "Gotham" has officially been cast. Count me as intrigued.

The new Penguin will be played by....Robin Lord Taylor. The "Walking Dead" actor somehow won the part of the Penguin with a limited resume based on guest one time appearances and a penchant for being a little bit off his rocker in portraying his character. Can he play a good Penguin? Well, the rumors are that the new Penguin will be a "lowly psychopath who hides his lust for power under an extremely polite demeanor". Seeing some of his work, I'm not so sure, but he has potential.

The show's new Alfred will be played by none other than Sean Pertwee. The Englishmen is known primarily for his roles as hard nosed muscle men, in films such as "Event Horizon" and "Soldier". As the new Alfred, he will be portraying him as an "ex marine who is extremely protective of young Bruce Wayne". I haven't seen him in much, but he definitely has the ex-Marine part down.

The show's Captain Essen, overseeing a young detective Gordon, will be played by former "Burn Notice" actress Zabryna Guevara. Guevara usually plays characters in places of power, especially in law, medicine, and law enforcement. As Essen, she will have to portray a Captain who balances "politics with police work". She seems like a very good fit for the role. Additionally, it could create a love triangle between her, Gordon, and the future Mrs. Jim Gordon.

The future Mrs. Barbara Gordon, will be played by Erin Richards. Known for her role in "Being Human", she has a short resume, but her resume is built on characters who are strong women who have to fight through some form of adversity. It fits her role perfectly, as Barbara is defined as a "doctor who has intense love for Jim, both joyful and some vulnerability." All in all, I think, given the descriptions of the characters, the studio found some good young actors whose resumes fit the characters they are playing. I think it has some potential to be a very good show. Hopefully the writing is coming along well, and the "Gotham" show will take off completely. Here's to hoping!


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