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It's Robin Hood, but not as we know him.

BBC America is moving forward with Nottingham, a re-imagining of the Robin Hood myth that asks the question, 'what if Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham were the same person?'

Written by Dracula creator Cole Haddon, here's the synopsis for the quirky project:

Nottingham centers on the Sheriff of Nottingham whose wife is killed by King John’s men. When nobody is brought to justice, the Sheriff launches a one-man war against the Crown. By day, he remains the reviled Sheriff, loyal servant of the King, but by night he puts on a hood and, using the intelligence he gains from his office, attacks the King where it hurts the most — his coffers. As Robin Hood, he systematically raids the King’s men, his noble loyalists and political allies, giving the spoils to the starving peasantry and starting a rebellion that will change England forever.

It's an interesting premise, and I'm a sucker for a good period drama. That being said, my favorite part of the Robin Hood story is the battle between the do-gooder and the villainous sheriff. Nottingham could be a difficult sell to those that are used to having their mythological characters delineated into 'good' and 'bad.'

It's also worth noting that Ridley Scott's Robin Hood - which starred Russell Crowe in the lead - also toyed with the idea of making the two characters the same person, but in the end decided the premise was too silly. I'll leave you decide whether they were right.

Are you sold on the premise of Nottingham? Sound off in the comments below.

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