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I am one of these guys that never takes to the normal fringe when it comes to video game movies. Ultimately, there are many who would shoot down a franchise simply because it doesn't fit the profile of today's going trends. For me, that's okay. Why? It's easy: because I never follow the trends. I never have and I never will.

Being a movie buff and a gamer, the horror genre has always had a soft spot for me, most especially the supernatural stuff that make you come out of your skin! The problem is that with all of the new material that keeps coming up with new apps and new games that are consistently being published on a daily basis, I am surprised that the movie studios are not taking the time to try to break new ground.

But, who am I really to say? I mean with such successes like 'Doom' starring Karl Urban and Duane Johnson and 'Alone In The Dark' starring Christian Slater and Teri Reid, who I am I to say? Okay, I CAN SAY , and that is exactly what I am trying to do. Maybe I might be able to jostle a few producers from Hollywood on this and wake them up from their slumber!

Whether anyone decides to agree with me or not, these to me would have made some of the best horror movies ever if they had been given the chance. The stories were tight but not typical, and the writers who came up with them went way outside of the box on these. Being a published author myself, I had to say that I was extremely impressed!

1) "The Lost Crown"

I actually played this one a few years ago, and it was by far one of the creepiest experiences that I have ever had. The story revolves around a young man named Clive that is sent to a remote English village in search of a lost crown that had once belonged to a long dead Saxon king worth millions. But, all the while while this thief is searching, he ends up running into several paranormal events that end up making him question the validity of his mission. Even though this game may seem simple enough in its story following the traditional ghost story angle, it doesn't give you everything at once and it will make you jump at every turn. For those that make horror films, this is the exact effect that you want, and with today's movie-making abilities in special effects and such, this one would definitely be a winner!

2) The "Hunter: The Reckoning" Series

Move over, Buffy! The clean-up crew has arrived! 'Hunter: The Reckoning' has all the makings of making that little blonde bimbo look like Strawberry Shortcake! Zombies, werewolves, name it! This hack-and-slash game from Vivendi Universal has all the earmarks of becoming a summer blockbuster if they gave it a chance! For those who are unfamiliar, the story revolves around five paranormal hunters who are saving our world from an onslaught of death from paranormal races that are hiding among us. They even fit in a Catholic priest as the leader, for heaven's sake. Talk about money! All three games, the original 'Hunter', 'Hunter: The Reckoning: Redeemer', and 'Hunter: The Reckoning: Wayward' are all intertwined and all the stories are some kind of awesome. I can see Big Sexy Kevin Nash playing the role of the Avenger in this series. Look out, Dracula!

3) 'Scratches'

This one actually kept me awake at night for a few days all things considered. I didn't just jump at this one, I actually almost screamed at some of the parts of it. Taken from the stories and mind of one of the greatest horror authors that ever live, HP Lovecraft, this story is, to me, one of the most frightening stories ever conceived concerning haunted houses. In the tale, a writer retreats to a secluded British manor known as Blackmoor Manor in order to concentrate on his next work. What he falls into, though, is a supernatural mystery of epic proportions when he finds the journal of the previous owner who had just returned from a trip to Africa where he was shown things that no normal mind should ever see. Moving furniture, blood-stained messages on walls, talk of black magic, and such. While the story may seem tame, it's the atmosphere that grips your throat. It's silent. There's no other sounds that warn you of imminent danger. You simply have to sit back and watch it unfold. Move over, Blair Witch, you just might have some competition if this gets a movie!

4) 'The Black Mirror' series

'The Black Mirror revolved around a curse that has befallen an aristocratic family in England who are descended from a man that was killed in the 12th century for being a necromancer and occultist. Secrets unfolding, cursed bloodlines, fighting the inner demon that is trying to come forth....again, more fantastic stuff for the horror gurus to dig through!

5) The 'Still Life' series

'Still Life' is a taut and horrific psychological thriller series produced by the Adventure Company in the early part of this century. It follows the life and cases of maverick FBI agent Victoria McPherson, who ends up on some of the scariest murder cases that the FBI has ever encountered. Now, the first and the second to me have the edge, while the third not so much so. The first involves her in a case surrounding several murders that are committed and displayed as abstract art pieces. Rumors of a deadly cult (* again, another one) begin to arise, and her target, known only as the 'Skinny Man', evades her at every turn. Think 'CSI' meets a great psychological thriller with a paranormal twist involving psychic phenomena involved. Also, its prequel 'PostMortem', also has some great background stuff for the writers to use. Would also make a great companion film!. Awesome stuff!

6) 'Indigo Prophecy' aka 'Fahrenheit

By far, one of the imaginative that I have seen in years that would make a great movie. A bank teller wakes up in the bathroom of an old diner, covered in blood and not knowing what has happened or if he has killed someone. When the police arrive, he has to think past, not knowing who or what is exactly happening. Aztec cults, ancient prophecies, links to the past, I mean this was epic! Not to mention the fact that the game was choice-based. Think of it! A movie that had the technology to allow the viewers in the audience to make choices based ion the average in the theater. Off the hook!

7) The 'Fatal Frame' series

Japanese cinema has really been giving us a run for our money lately, with such films as 'The Grudge', 'Ju-On', 'Premonition' and others. With video game stories, it is no different. 'Fatal Frame' was one of those game stories that really just stuck with me as it was such an ingenious stroke on the paranormal. A cursed camera and film that had the ability to capture spirits of the long departed? AMAZING! The story itself about a young woman investigating a series of hauntings surrounding the deaths of several people involved with a cult (* seeing a pattern here?) trying to gain immortality to me was genius. With the fear that it instilled in me, I know that there's got to be a writer and special-effects guru that can make this happen.

8) 'Darkfall: The Journal', 'Lights Out', and 'Darkfall: Lost Souls'

These games were simplistic, at best, but they still had wonderful storyiines that can still be culled for cinematic greatness. Once again, we are back in England, and this time the main character is trapped in a haunted train station where his brother and a colleague, both paranormal investigators, are trapped and being held captive by a malevolent entity known only as the Darkfall. While it may not seem as grand as some of the others that I have mentioned, this story still has a lot of great potential for cinematic magic given to the right people. I am not sure if it has big-screen possibilities, but even a direct-to-video release would be cool!

9) The 'Darkness Within' Series

Yet another look into Lovecraft lore that will scare your living pants off in movie form. The story involves a private investigator looking into the disappearance of a man named Loathe Nolder who has been missing for some time now. Now, while I wished I would have had a chance to play these, I did see the trailers and read the story, and I can tell you that whoever wrote the scripts for these knew his stuff. Definitely worth a look, Hollywood. Just don't hire Uwe Boll!

10) 'The Suffering'

I tend to save the best for last. Not always, but in this case, this duo of games can easily run with the rest I have just mentioned, if not more. 'The Suffering' was one of those franchises to me that also stuck out. When I played the first, I always felt my heart go into my throat and my heart was racing. Torque, the game's protagonist, had always made me feel uneasy. He was not even an anti-hero or anything like that. He was simply an inmate that was from my best guess being punished for his crimes in a different way as death for him would have been too easy. What I found the most remarkable were the monsters in these games. They were imaginative and always sent my skin crawling. Get somebody like Dave Bautista to play him and some good make-up artists, i have a feeling that this also has great blockbuster potential.

Well, there you have it. I have a feeling that I am going to possibly either get a smattering of good comments or I am going to be receiving a lot of hate mail for the next month from subscribers. In any event, I am ready for that. This wouldn't be the first time that I have not run into adversity as I have been at this a very long time. (* laughs).

So, fire away, Movie Piloters. Give me your fury!


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