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Cedric Jouarie

If one considers Richard Donner’s Superman (1978) to be the first real superhero movie, that makes the genre 35-ish… Well, OK, more like 36, but it doesn’t sound that good, so I’d rather pretend I’m very bad at math and make it fly anyway—pun intended, obviously!

So, in order to duly celebrate this anniversary, I’ve taken upon myself to put together a Superheroes Supercut. Then again, just like with the whole math-thing, I’ve given myself some “poetic license”, as I’ve included to the mix movies adapted from comics, or movies with characters having some “super characteristics”—like, I don’t know if you’ve noticed in The Matrix trilogy, but Neo flies, thus he’s quite “supes” to me.

Without further ado, please enjoy 35-ish years of superheroes in 3-ish minutes, and feel free to say, in your opinion, who’s missing, who shouldn’t be there, and who deserves a supercut all for him/herself?


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