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Hey people! If you don't know what Vampire Academy is, today is your lucky opportunity to learn! If you're thinking this is a weird crossover between Harry Potter and Twilight, think again. This story probably the opposite to what you're thinking, and that's why its so different. When I first picked up Vampire Academy, I didn't realize how much it would change my point of view on things. I thought it was just going to be another addition to the teen vampire genre, where the main was weak and defenseless and needed someone to swoop down and protect them from things when they could be up there, bloody and worn but also brave and determined and strong. These are the kind of leads teenagers need. This is what you sign up for when you pick up Vampire Academy.


I have a best friend who I know I will always be there for, and I trust in the fact that she'll also have my back and give me ice cream when I'm feeling down. Rose Hathaway, Vampire Academy's kick ass heroine, also has a best friend. A best friend she's dedicating her life to protect from evil forces determined on draining her blood in return for everlasting immortality. A best friend who brought her back from the dead. A best friend (who's called Lissa btw) who has fangs and is apart of the MOROI, an ancient race of 'living vampires' who do not kill for their blood, but takes small amounts regularly from giving donors. Rose is a DHAMPHIR, a half vampire who's duty is to protect the Moroi from the STRIGOI, evil, immortal and just down right nasty vampires who lurk in the deepest darkness of night and need a splash of fake tan if you don't mind me mentioning.

Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa (Lucy Fry).
Rose (Zoey Deutch) and Lissa (Lucy Fry).

Both girls may have boy troubles and occasionally argue, but their friendship is one of the main reasons why the books are so easy to connect with, and almost make you feel a little wistful because they're so dedicated to each other; their bond is truly beautiful to read about and is one of the main driving forces which spurs the story on.


The first thing I began to realize about these books a few chapters in, is that they're down right hilarious. Rose Hathaway's mind should be broadcasted across the globe so everyone can hear what it's truly like to think and feel like a girl. Rose is that girl who has no impulse control, and that's what makes her so refreshing. She doesn't hold back. She says and acts out on how she's feeling, countless the fact if it gets her into trouble. She's passionate and lively and brash and sexy, but can also understand serious topics like duty and sacrifice.

" I had a standing arrangement with God; I'd agree to believe in him- barely- so long as he let me sleep in on Sundays".
"Good God. Men everywhere".
"That's the most fucked up law I've ever heard".
"No one had ever called me unnatural before, unless you count the time I put ketchup on a taco but what was I supposed to do, there was no salsa?"


Vampire Academy isn't just an amazing book series, but it's also been made into a film! Say what?! Vampire Academy is NOW OUT in the US and Canada, and will be released in the UK in April. Every still that's been released, every snippet of movie footage, every adorable instagram photo has been FABULOUS, and the cast just adds to that perfection. The cast is the heart of the film; they're funny, beautifully in tune with each other, and dare I say it, they can actually act! Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway) and Lucy Fry's (Lissa Dragomir) relationship is almost exactly the same as the dynamic duo themselves, Danila Kozlovsky (Dimitri Belikov) is such a gentleman and SMOKING RUSSIAN HOT, and Dominic Sherwood (Christian Ozera) is such a klutz, (adorably) it's unreal. I could chatter about every single member of the cast for hours, but down below you can watch the official movie trailer, the official music video which shows more footage, and a hilarious interview which I think you will all enjoy.

#2 This is not Twilight, THIS IS VAMPIRE ACADEMY.

I have nothing against Twilight, but it constantly irritates me that so many people won't see or read Vampire Academy because they're so sure they've seen everything that genre has to offer. That is where I'm here to fight my corner. Vampire Academy may feature vampires, but that is practically where the similarities stop and the differences begin. Vampire Academy has brought so many people together, sold millions of copies and captured the hearts and heads of teenagers to parents to people lost and looking for something which could give them the strength to stand up for what they believe in and stick two fingers up in the air to the people who constantly judge them. As an OCD sufferer and someone always on their guard, Vampire Academy, and YA books in general have really opened up so many doors to me, and given me the chance to share my views and discuss things with others who respect me and treat each other like family. I'm not afraid because of books; I'm not afraid because these books taught me that I'm myself; I can't change that and I shouldn't even think about wanting to. You can be brave and protective and determined, and you should never hide that essence inside of you because of stereotypes and bitches and nastiness. YOU ARE WHO YOU WERE MADE TO BE. "Don't hesitate", because if you do, a little bit of your light is put out, and that's something you should never, ever stand for.


Okay? Okay. Thank you for reading, and I hope my little ramblings have convinced you to go and watch Vampire Academy, or go and read the books and join the ! Vampire Academy is beautifully written, but also heartfelt and full of some hilarious one liners which will cause you to spit out your tea. Don't take that experience away from yourself and pick it up today!

(Video links down below).

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