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Marvel, to me, has some of the best story lines that are available to make movie magic. Their writers have over the years are getting better and better at their story arcs and it is showing. Now, if we can only convince the powers that be that there is so much more that they can accomplish as far as making projects that can further burst their franchise.

So far, there have been so many good ones that they have made that I began to think that I would go ahead and put my two cents in about what would make some great movies (*even if they chose to go small screen and make animated films out of them), In any case, this is my take:

1) "Morbius, The Eternal Vampire'- Here is one that to me is neither hero nor villain. He simply just is. Morbius was created from a freak accident involving DNA slamming when he merged his own DNA with that of a vampire bat. Now, living as a vampire for all eternity and having to feed on plasma in order to survive, he looks for neither redemption nor acceptance. He merely wants to survive. With that, I think that a film dedicated to this character will show both the vampire and human sides that are constantly at odds with each other, and might make for a great paranormal character study.

2) 'Fear Itself' - When you are a hero, what is the worst thing that you can do? That's easy: tick off Daddy who happens to be the Viking All-Father who is not happy that you have spent all day playing in Midgard and are refusing to come home. So, what does he do? He sends down everything he's got to destroy Earth in order to prove a point. This story arc in itself is extremely intense, with Thor's own life hanging in the balance. The special effects on this one would take some time, but for a brooding story, this one has quite some scope.

3) The 'Onslaught' Saga - Created in 1999, this story arc showed a side of Charles Xavier that no one had seen for some time. For those that do not know, Onslaught is the evil alter-ego of Professor X, who has come back in order to take over the globe and impress his will on the populace. The major parts were in issues of 'X-Men' and 'Marvel Universe' at this point. The story is tightly written, and it showed that even the most powerful of mutants can have a bad day. Once again, a special effects team's dream come true, as their greatest challenge will be showcasing Onslaught's powers, which include the ability to manipulate and distort reality with the use of Professor X's mind. Great stuff!

4) 'Marvel Zombies' - Our favorite heroes turning into zombies and looking at everybody like lunch? Okay, I'll give them that. This would be gold for those that love Marvel and are also horror mavens.

Well, I at least have four here. I would love to hear what you guys think. I have read a lot and I could be missing a few. Feel free to leave your ideas below.


Which one do you think would be the most awesome?


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