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If you missed last Sunday's episode of HBO'S True Detective you might want to stop what you're doing and go watch it right now. Now with that being said, if you did catch Sunday's episode we as an audience saw exactly why Mr. McConaughey is worthy of an Oscar.

I will state this right now: Leonardo DiCaprio does deserve an Oscar, it is long over due, but he might have to sit out another year. Many people are praising McConaughey for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. But many people are missing out on just how dark and philosophical a role McConaughey can portray. Believe me I was impartial towards McConaughey before any of the Oscar buzz. I knew him as the guy in cult comedies and romantic comedies. But I never gave it any thought as to could he be a good serious actor. Even after The Lincoln Lawyer I truly wasn't that convinced. But after Sunday's episode of True Detective it finally clicked as to how brilliant of an actor Matthew McConaughey really is.

We see McConaughey's character Det. Rust Cohle dive deep to find the location of a suspect. So deep that he has to resort to his old narco ties to an outlaw biker gang.

Here is just a taste of his brilliant acting in the episode.

Let me know if you think McConaughey is deserving of an Oscar in the comments below.


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