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The Lego Movie, which defied expectations and built $69 million on opening weekend, looks to grab the number one spot yet again, and the only competition comes in the form of several 80's remakes and two other Valentine's Day flicks. Look for The Lego Movie to drop no more than 20 percent and notch about $57 million over the four days, which would bring its total to about $137 million. With next to no competition, The Lego Movie could end up with as much as $270 million, but that is in the high range. A more conservative estimate would peg it around $250 million, and $200 million is a lock at this point.

RoboCop, which is the first of three 80's remakes debuting this weekend is expected to take second place over the four-day weekend, though don't be surprised if About Last Night comes in slightly above the Sony film. It should take in $13 million Wednesday-Thursday, and about $26.5 million over the traditional four-day weekend. This would amount to $39.5 million over the six-day weekend, in line with expectations.

The second 80's remake, About Last Night, which stars Kevin Hart, most likely won't match Ride Along, which opened to nearly $50 million over a similar four-day frame in January. Of the three date night options, About Last Night should be the top pick. $24-30 million over the four-day weekend.

The Monuments Men, which opened last weekend to a decent $22 million last weekend, will still serve as counter-programming for those not interested in robots, Lego's, or date night flicks. The drama should pull in another $13.5 million to place fourth for the long weekend.

Endless Love, also an 80's remake, is getting not quite disastrous but still pretty bad 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and with About Last Night stealing most of the audience there's not much room left for this. Look for a $12.7-$13 million four-day weekend, but it could end up topping Monuments Men for fourth place.

The weekend's last release, Winter's Tale, is the third date night option, and with the younger audience going after Endless Love and the adult audience going for About Last Night, and the recent string of Colin Farrell flops suggest that this won't prove much different. Plus, with disastrous reviews (6 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) Winter's Tale should wind up with around $10 million over the four-day frame. Warner Bros. already have The Lego Movie, so this is just icing on the cake. Small icing on the cake, but still icing.

Check in at how well these films performed Saturday night, and a full box office report Sunday.


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