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If you haven’t already seen them, you can check out my reviews for the original RoboCop trilogy at the links at the bottom of this article.

I had a lot of fun watching this RoboCop reboot. That being said, if I ever feel like watching a RoboCop movie again, I would just watch the 1987 film. This was a fun movie for a one-time viewing, but I don’t really plan on watching it again. Maybe I would in preparation for a potential sequel, but that’s about it.

This could have been awful and it really wasn’t. The film actually surprisingly took some risks. Admittedly, it was a reboot of a relatively well-known property with a PG-13 rating to allow for a wide audience so they had a lot of safety nets, but as far as the story was concerned, they could have played it much safer, and I’m glad that they didn’t.

I’m glad that they didn’t play it safe not because I loved what they did, but if they used the same exact story as the original 1987 RoboCop it would have been even more pointless than it already was. I appreciated that they Murphy was more human in this film. Although they went to far with it, it was interesting and appreciated.

Honestly, my biggest complaints with this film is its preoccupation with things that were different from the original, and I would much rather those be my complaints than that it was a complete copy. It’s at least interesting. Another big complaint: excessive shaky-cam. Luckily it isn’t always terrible, but when you are watching something like an intimate family moment it can be quite distracting.

While perhaps not as much as the original film, this movie had (modernized) political commentary and satire again, which was moderately good.

Samuel L. Jackson’s character was not as interesting as the news anchors in the original film, but it was a fun poke at a Fox News-esque political commentary show. Gary Oldman steals the show here, which might be expected. Michael Keaton is great as a sleaze-ball here too.

It was also neat to hear the RoboCop theme from the original trilogy, which is something that you might not expect. There were two other great song choices that I can think of, one just before Murphy is woken up in the suit, and one when he is being tested.

Would I recommend this film? Probably, but only if you have already seen the original film. If not, go see that first.


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