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Like many people, I am an avid comic book buff and love just about anything and everything to do with superheroes. I drive my wife nuts viewing 'Watchmen' and the 'Dark Knight' series of films at nauseous levels.

But when I still keep seeing more and more news about the upcoming 'Ant-Man' film, my heart just sinks. I ask myself what the boys at Marvel are thinking when it comes to doing a movie about Hank Pym, I am still shaking my head. For starters, Hank Pym has become but a footnote within the Marvel universe these days, and not to mention that they have either revamped him to the point of oblivion or have killed him off in so many ways that it almost is pointless anymore.

While it may look like I am completely busting Marvel and Disney's chops for this, I think that I have a good reason in doing so. For starters, most recently in the graphic novel, 'The Ultimates', (*which was the basis of the Lionsgate/Marvel Animated Films series of films, 'Ultimate Avengers' and 'Next Avengers'), have shown Hank Pym in a light that has brought down the character's mojo. From being the mild-mannered scientist with his wife, Janice Pym (*aka 'The Wasp'), they have portrayed him now as nothing more than an egotistical wife-abuser with a chip on his shoulder. Of course, Disney is not going to explore this as it is too dark a chapter within the mythology.

Next, I mean really, what exactly is this guy's deal anyway? I mean HE TALKS TO BUGS! How useful exactly is this? He might be able to do away with picnic pests at a whim by telling them to go away, but other than that, what exactly can he do against his foes? He might be able to shrink at will and cause some discomfort to them but that is about it. As far as Giant-Man is concerned, I think that he was created just to overcompensate for something.

Thirdly.... PAUL RUDD? Are we kidding here? While I have nothing personal against the celebrity, but we're talking about the guy that did 'This is 40'! Known mostly for his comedic talent, it makes me ask how badly he is going to ham this up? Marvel does have some of its more comedic elements within its plots, but with Rudd, I'm afraid that he'll be given a lot of creative liberties as bad as when Robin Williams did 'Aladdin years ago and ad-libed most of the script. ' While it may work for some, my fear is that this liberty will come into play.

It seems to me that Marvel has been sitting in the break room lately just looking for ways to put a movie out there. Even if it is for some of their lesser heroes. 'Doctor Strange' has been put on hold. So has 'Black Panther'. 'Iron Fist' is still waiting in the wings to have a go-time. 'Fantastic Four' may be getting a reboot (* which to me there was nothing wrong with the originals). 'Daredevil' is going to be given a makeover. I mean, where does it all end?

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With the success of such franchises as 'The Avengers', 'Thor', 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Iron Man', 'Captain America', and even 'Ghost Rider', Marvel has already proven many times over that they have the chops to run with the big boys and make millions with blockbuster titles. Now all of a sudden, I feel like they are taking a step back. Kind of like when the animated series, 'Super Hero Squad', came out a few years back. (*OUCH!)

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