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March 2nd of 2014 the Academy of Motion Pictures will hold their 86th awards show. Needless to say I’m excited.

In the past I have made predictions and picks for the Oscars and this year is no different. Granted having a child and watching what I spend has kept me from the theaters more than I would have liked. With that, I might not have seen all of the films that are up for nominations this time around. (though I’ve done my best to watch most of them, via the interwebs, if I get the time to do so) That said, I think that this year the nominations seem fair. Of course there were some blatant snubs here and there but overall I think it’s going to be a tight race for some of the more popular categories.

By the way, did you notice that the Academy Awards changed their branding? It’s a vast improvement from what it used to be. If you look at the actual logo they’ve taken the spotlight that used to be behind the Oscar statue and placed it above it as if it was shining down on it. This then represents not only the light shining on Oscar but also implies the letter ‘A’ for the Academy. I thought it was brilliant and worth noting.

As you read on – I’ll mention some of the more popular categories and give my predictions etc. I’m also including a file that you can download, fill out, scan and send back to me via e-mail at [email protected] . I’ll gather all of the entries up and then on March 2nd I’ll tally who gets the most picks correct. From there I’ll announce the winner and offer up a sketch/drawing of a movie of their choice. (which if it turns out nice then I might be inclined to turn it into an actual illustrated movie poster of sorts)

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Here we go ...
-the Joker

Prediction: Best Picture

Gravity hands down was by far the best movie of the year. It’s hard to even call it a movie, because for me it was an experience. I don’t think I’ve ever been “wow’ed” that much in a movie theater since Jurassic Park. I have few qualms with this film and the critics obviously had very few too. The cinematography is by far the best there has ever been and the scale of which it’s presented was just tremendous. I’m sure that if I had seen it in an IMAX theater that it would’ve felt as if I was frantically spinning out of control through space alongside Sandra Bullock. For 91 minutes (yes it’s a fairly short movie) I was gasping for air with my eyes glued to the screen and hands white from gripping my armrests too tight. I watched with amazement and an outrageous amount of intensity that I’ve not felt at the movies in a very long time. Seriously, it’s that good.

If American Hustle wins – I might rule out the Academy and the awards show all together.

Predictions: Best Actress & Supporting Actress

This is where it gets hard. I’ve not seen a lot of the films where the women were nominated this year. August, Osage County, Philomena, and Blue Jasmine are not films that I would think could entertain me. Though from critic reviews and what I’ve read online they were all outstanding movies. Regardless I think that Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence are the favorites this year. They both nailed Golden Globes and are on par to get the Oscar. Jennifer Lawrence (an Oscar winner already for best Actress) for me is some of the best talent in the women’s roster, that at such a young age can compete with the likes of Meryl Streep. While American Hustle might not have been the movie I was hoping for – the performances by the entire cast are what shined the most. I hope these two lovely ladies can nab their respective awards.

Predictios: Best Actor & Supporting Actor

Matthew McConaughey (man is it hard to spell his last name) has to win the category for Best Actor. I watched the Golden Globes this year and thought to myself that he didn’t have a prayer to win. Heck, I was surprised he was nominated. Then he won a Golden Globe. Consider me shocked. With that, I watched the Dallas Buyers Club shortly after and now I know why he won. It’s not that hard if you’ve seen the film. He takes on a role that I’ve never seen him play and he does it so convincingly. He also pulled a Christian Bale and lost a lot of weight which is no easy task and goes to show his dedication to the role.

Someone you might look out for though is Christian Bale or Leo taking the Oscar away from Matthew. They aren’t separated by odd categories this time around so it’ll be interesting to see who can take the gold statuette home.

This was another situation where someone won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor that I thought was lucky just to have a nomination. Then his name was announced as a winner and I knew that with 2 people winning for the same movie that I was going to have to watch and find out. As I mentioned above, Dallas Buyers Club is an amazing story and film. The 2 main actors shine and do such a convincing job with their roles its easy to see why they were winners at the Globes. Jared Leto even looked shocked that he had won as he accepted the award and gave a somewhat awkward acceptance speech. Looking through the other supporting nominees for the Oscars this year, and after watching Leto perform as a cross-dressing AIDS patient … I doubt anyone can take it home other than him.

All of My Picks for the 2014 Academy Awards

So who do you think will win? If you didn’t grab the ballot from above be sure to do so here:

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Fill it out and send it back to me. Post a comment if you would like and let me know what you think about all the nominations and who might win this year!

As always, Thanks for Reading!

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