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'I have been an avid NCIS fanatic since the show started some thirteen years ago. It had all the makings of a great crime drama and could still yet. But, like everyone else, I have to ask the question: will Special Agent Ziva David be returning to the lineup? Thus far, after her swan song last season when she decided to quit the show to pursue other avenues and a rumor concerning the fact that she was upset about the pay raise that star and producer Mark Harmon gave himself last year, this show has slowly been heading downhill. I do not know if it is the writers attempting to cope with Cote de Pablo's departure or is it simply that there may be one possible fly in the ointment that could be botching things up.

'NCIS' for this season had been doing many episodes using what I would call 'throw-away characters' in order to find someone that may have been able to fill De Pablo's shoes, and I have to say that I was not impressed with their final selection

Meet Emily Wickersham , the newest cast member of the show who portrays former NSA analyst Ellen Bishop, who has now joined the team and taken Ziva's spot. From what I have watched of this season, I had found the character to be extremely weak next to Cote de Pablo's Ziva. She is naive, aggravatingly analytic, and she has a very large chip on her shoulder when it comes to trusting the rest of her teammates. Compared to Ziva David, she reminds almost of a carbon copy of Abby Sciuto (* played by Pauly Perrette) on steroids and without the Caf Pal. If this character is going to survive along with the show itself, there definitely needs to be some major character development to make her more cohesive with the rest of the cast. Most especially Leroy Jethro Gibbs (* played by Mark Harmon) and Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo (* played by Michael Weatherly).

What do you guys think?


Bishop or Ziva?


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