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Misty Stiles

Sadly, we all know that the new "cool" is to be a Twilight/vampire basher and to adamantly declare how sick of vampires we all are. Even the critics forgot that vampires are immortal. They will always be a part of our entertainment culture. We love the dark mystery of the vampire, the blood, the gore, the enticing allure. We love the power, the horror, the intrigue of the being whose problems result from having lived too long. We want vampire stories whether we forgot about that or not. Oh, look, here's one! Vampire Academy! But, wait, it's not what general audiences seem to expect. Let's clarify these misconceptions together. After all, if you learned you might just be blindly following a societal trend of no substance, wouldn't you want to discover the facts that would allow you to break free from the group mind of doom? Vampire Academy fans are strong, independent, self-aware, and fight for what they believe in. We're not followers of silly trends. Like Vampire Academy's lead character, Rose Hathaway, we are self-starters, and we get stuff done. We're here to kick all this vampire hate nonsense out of our way so that we can rise up and share the wonder that is Vampire Academy.

Vampire Academy is based on the book series of the same name, a name so horrid that even the movie itself makes fun of it. With the way the character of Lissa cringes at the name and tells people not to say it, it's as if the movie should be titled "The Movie that Must Not Be Named." Get over the name. Don't let it skew your perception of the movie's quality.

It's not a fluffy, dull, sparkling romance. There are real vampires in Vampire Academy. The kind nightmares are made of. It's not horror, no, though the main characters either live in fear of another race of vampires or they live to kill that other vampire race. As a result, there's lots of great action, blood, and killing going on in this series.

The first book doesn't feature the bad vampires as much as the movie does, which makes the movie all the better. Fans of the books know how intense things get with this evil race of vampires, and happily, the Vampire Academy movie added more into the first story. I truly expected critics to be open minded and clear-headed enough not to be swayed by current trends, namely this ridiculous one that thinks its cool to hate vampires. Take a look around comment boards on social media. The topic doesn't matter. You'll observe how stubborn people are and how they can somehow continue to believe irrational things in the face of contrary evidence. People seem to want to already be right rather than to explore to find out what is right. Well, fellow explorer, you're reading this. You've had your Vampire Academy misconceptions, and Vampire Academy fans have rallied to find ways to reach you and point this out to you. The movie itself is your contrary evidence. Go see it. Now. Your integrity as a unique and intelligent person depends on it.

I will go see it again and again, and I hope the skeptical become curious and will give it a chance. I hope our current culture will get over itself and stop acting like it's cool to hate on vampire stories. The vampires are back. They don't like how you think you are too cool for them, how you think you are so much better than them. Only the strong and independent thinkers will survive. Watch out. Better let Vampire Academy take a bite out of your arrogance and save yourself.

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