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Fans of The Vampire Diaries will no doubt be familiar with the awesomeness & bad-assery that is The Original Family. Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah Mikaelson graduated from the hit teen Vampire show, along with werewolf Haylie, to make the jump from Mystic Falls to the classy and all together more dangerous, New Orleans.

Charles Michael Davis (Marcel)
Charles Michael Davis (Marcel)

There-in we met Marcel, Klaus' old friend, "King" of New Orleans and quite possibly the most suave, sweet-talking Vampire in existence. With an entourage of Vampires at his disposal, and a certain very powerful witch under his wing, Marcel had everything that Klaus wished he did. Our big bad Hybrid's main goal: to take back the city that his family built and be the King he was born to be.

With an impressive cast and compelling storylines, it's no wonder the show pulled in some SERIOUS ratings since it started, with its season premiere last year pulling in 2.15Million viewers! (And not all of them were existing TVD fans!)

With the shows fanbase growing bigger and bigger each and every day, the one question on all of our lips, was whether or not we'd be seeing a second season of the hit show. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the CW has answered our subtle screams of encouragement for the show and according to E! News, it has officially been renewed for a second season! (Can I get a HELL YEAH?)

Also renewed by the CW are The Vampire Diaries for a sixth season, Supernatural for a tenth season, Arrow for a third season and Reign for a second! Ugh, it's like all our Christmases, Easter's & New Year's have all come in one! Am I right?!

One big collective round of applause for the CW and the brilliant shows that they just can't seem to go wrong with!

Still hanging in the balance are The Tommorrow People (starring Arrow star, Stephen Amell's cousin, Robbie Amell), Hart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast and The Carrie Diaries!


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