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Vampires, of course, has been around for a quit a time. Whenever the word 'Vampires' comes up, people start to scream Twilight. I am kind of very annoyed about that even though I am a huge, I mean a huge fan of Twilight! Recently, Vampire academy was released. Staring, Zoey Deutch, new faces such as Lucy Fry, Dominic Sherwood and well known actor in Russia, Danila Kozlovsky. Vampire Academy is being awfully compared to Twilight, which i think is very, very ridicoulous. I became a fan of Vampire Academy two and a half years ago. When I heard about some movie news, I was so happy something like Vampire Academy is getting a chance. But...when Twilight was mentioned. Well, I wasn't going to go down. There are tremendous reasons why Vampire Academy is not a spin-off of Twilight. Now, let's see those reasons:

1. It introduces two-third kind of vampires; Moroi, the good, Strigoi, the bad, Dhampirs, the Protecter/Guardian/half Vampire half-humans. Moroi's are born and they use one of the five magic elements. Some are royal, some are not. The royal one's get to have guardian, called Dhampirs. Dhampirs protect the Moroi's from the Strigoi, who are made and highly like to feed on the Moroi's. When we have a kick-ass protagonist like Rose, nobody is getting a bite.

2. The relationship. The relationships are in a whole different category/ galaxy or whatever. The relationship with Dimitri and Rose aka Romitri is very forbidden. Rose is seven years younger than Dimitri. Dimitri keeps rejecting her, but we readers know the real story. Of course, there are love triangles.

The love triangles are more, more complex, yet they are gentle and smooth at times. Rose is still in love with Dimitri even though she is with_____. The person she goes out with is left heart broken at the end. Their relationship stays very smooth at first, they adore each other and are like everyday teenagers. Except, with some blood. In Eclipse, remember when Jacob forcefully kiss Bella and Edward storms in, that's totally not the case in Vampire Academy as i mentioned before about how the interaction between Rose, Dimitri, and ____

3. The characters. The characters are mostly Vampires, such as Lissa, Mia, Tatiana, Kirova, etc. This book is not about Vampires but it happens to have Vampires. This book is not about romance but the true meaning of friendship, well to me i guess. The friendship between Rose and Lissa is very, very tight or powerful. Rose protects Lissa all the times and wants to become her Guardian, which she practices for so hardly! Rose can bring the darkness from Lissa's mind to herself, just so Lissa can be safe. How sweet, doesn't happen in Twilight, right? I feel like Vampire Academy should be given a chance before it gets lost in the crowd of other Vampire crowd.

If you like it, well you know where to head! Go to your theater and watch Vampire Academy! Let us know!


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