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Nicolas Carmona

Finally got to see it yesterday and… EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

**Contains Spoilers**

Everyone kept saying great things about this movie and I have to say I wasn't let down, a great combination between comedy, cuteness and innovation made this movie so great. The story is very simple, a nobody becomes a somebody, saving the day and getting the girl; it wasn't so much the story that worked so well it was the execution, but like everything it wasn't perfect. There were very few things I didn't like, probably like 3/4 down the movie it lost some of it’s momentum and I just think it would've maintained such a great pace. The fast pace also affects a little because there is so much going on that it is hard to keep up with everything and by the time I am writing this my head is a box full of so many different LEGOS.

One of the things I liked the most was the detail and how big this universe was, not only having multiple worlds like Middle Zealand and Cloud Cuckoo Land, but also seeing how the water (everything made out of LEGO) moved, flying pieces of broken bottles, thick smoke, everything worked so well in this universe with their own set of rules and visuals. Simply beautiful and possibly one of the strongest things of the movie. There were also many comedic moments, some of them were very obvious but other one’s were very subtle (which can make you miss a lot of them, but that’s also part of the joy), the little cameos helped this part by bringing very different parts to it; for instance Green Lantern annoying Superman and how the instructions all the LEGO people had were made out of not only LEGO but also very similar to LEGO boxes.

Out of all the good things, the characters and their interaction was the best thing; not only we have a bunch of cameos that range from president Lincoln to C-3PO (yes Star Wars makes an appearance to one of my favorite scenes of the movie), but we also have great main characters that develop through the whole movie. We have three minor one’s Batman, Vitruvius and Unikittie; they add a lot to the movie, the wise old wizard that loses his sight and comes up with a fake prophecy, Batman works as an opposite of Emmet’s personality and throughout the movie we are reminded of that and so is Emmet (something that affects Emme’s development, and Unikittie one of the weirdest most random characters (and this movie has a lot of that) starts very cute and by the end of the movie we see her fury.

We also have two very interesting villains, good-cop/bad-cop works so well with that duality and we see his struggle throughout the whole movie and when bad-cop wins we feel that on a personal level but when we see him making his good-cop face again we cheer for that, a great development for this character. Lord Business/President Business is even more complex than what we thought at first and this is where the heart of the movie lies (similar to Emmet), this character was considered a nobody and since nobody cared for him he turned evil to capture everyone’s attention and make his world to his image so everyone will think of him as something; when we learn the “inspiration” of Lord Business the emotional connection shifts to a more personal one, the interaction between the kid and his father was priceless and perfectly mirrors the one between Emmet and Lord Business.

Which brings me to our titular characters, Wyldstyle and Emmet; Wyldstyle always wanted to be the special one and this is how she met Emmet. Not very appealed by Emmet, she constantly remembers him how much of a nobody he is at the beginning of the movie, but we see her change and realize the potential that he has and create an emotional connection to him, to the point that she changes Batman for Emmet which is really great having in mind the foil between Batman and Emmet. Emmet, personally a great character almost perfect, he represents the underdog and the simplicity of him, he just gets by and when coming to realization of his true potential his world changes; making this a very lovable character because that is us, we sometimes don’t think much of ourselves until other people see our potential and when we see it too great things happen. His clueless moments and his constant optimism makes him not only a very very funny character but one that cheers you up even at the worst moments.

It was a weird thing because there was only one kid watching this movie, it makes me think this is not really a kid's movie; it's more an adults movie that is kid friendly because many of the jokes were aimed at teenagers and adults, which pretty much pleases everyone and it is a great approach. When they change between the real world and the LEGO world was my favorite moment of the movie because it not only shows the craziness of the LEGO world but the emotional connection that has with the real life people. This movie is very charming and mixes so many factors so perfectly that it makes it not only a great animated movie but also a great movie overall. Memorable characters with great chemistry that are helped with great visuals (wished I had seen it on 3D) and and a very awesome song (that is still stuck in my head) are all combined to a 8.5/10 movie.

PS: sorry I rambled at some points, the movie is so packed and it is hard to keep in mind everything that happens. However, I will attempt to have my first video review this weekend of this movie and I will try to make it better.


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