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A lot of my favorite characters, including Quicksilver, Thanos, and Ghost Rider have been either featured in films, or are scheduled to. However, there are several who I would love to see hitting the silver screen.

5. Uatu

Uatu is one of the Watchers, an ancient race that adheres to a strict code of observation, and nothing else. In ancient times, the Watchers - being more technologically advanced than the other races - aided the planet Prosilicus by gifting them the knowledge of atomic energy. The citizens of Prosilicus used the knowledge to manufacture nuclear weapons, and ended up in a massive war.

Mortified at the damage they had done, they made a code to prevent them from replicating the results of Prosilicus. The Watchers then abandoned their home planet, each one choosing a planet as their new home where they could gather as much information as they could on those who resided there.

Uatu chose Earth as his new home, setting his base on the "Blue Area" of Earth's moon. Although Uatu could not physically interfere with the catastrophic events unfolding, he assisted in Earth's survival as best he could. He tricked Xakku the Sun-Stealer when Xakku attempted to rob Earth's solar system of its Sun, and when Captain America was sent back in time to 1602 A.D., Uatu informed Dr. Stephen Strange on the issue, who helped return Cap to his own time.

Uatu even defied his code on occasion, stepping in only when the survival of Earth was at stake. After the wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, Uatu helped Reed by transporting him to the Blue Area when a horde of super-villains attacked. Reed than chose a weapon to fend them off. Uatu was even held trial by his own people after he physically opposed Captain Mar-Vell, and he explained that he had come to identify with the emotions of the people of Earth. Recently, Uatu was seen watching over the events of the Civil War.

Why He Should Be In A Movie

Uatu famously appears during major events, such as the Civil War, or (you guessed it), the Infinity Gauntlet event. With Thanos' spotlight approaching, no better time could come for Uatu to make his appearance. He doesn't necessarily need to directly interfere. Instead, he could simply serve as the backdrop. Even a quick cameo of his menacing gaze framed in the burning sky would suffice.

4. Psylocke

Born Elizabeth Braddock, Psylocke possesses telekinetic abilities. She manipulates her telekinesis in combat by generating psychic katanas or powering energy through her fists to increase her strength exponentially. Her other abilities include telepathy, mind control, and a "psychic knife" that she uses to exterminate or incapacitate opponents.

Psylocke had faced many ordeals, from dealing with her parent's murder at the hands of Mastermind, to being abducted by agents of the Red Skull, to being brainwashed and given cybernetic eyes. She was taken down by Sabretooth, but Wolverine, Angel, Dr. Strange, and Gomurr the Ancient located a mystical liquid in the Crimson Dawn dimension which revived her and gave her the additional power to travel through shadows and turn nearly invisible. She was then marked with a red mark over her eye.

Why She Should Be In A Movie

The X-Men have an African member (Storm), a Russian member (Colossus) and a German member (Nightcrawler) that have been in previous films. Why not bring in some British flavor? Psylocke is one of the more popular X-Men members, and featuring her in a film would open up an opportunity to include Captain Britain and perhaps even Jamie Braddock. She also had her part during the Apocalypse fiasco, so she would be perfect in the upcoming movie. Not to mention she's ninja.

3. Mysterio

I may have chosen Mysterio out my sheer love of Marvel's villains, but rightly so. Mysterio, also known as Quentin Beck, is one of my favorites mainly due to his lack of powers. His success comes from his knack for detailed planning and his extensive prowess with special effects and illusions. He is a skilled hypnotist and has knowledge of basic psychiatry.

Mysterio's main opposition has been Spider-Man, although he has battled the Human Torch and Daredevil before, and on one occasion, Beck succeeded in driving Daredevil insane with drugs.

Why He Should Be In A Movie

Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Sandman, Venom, Lizard, Electro, Rhino. Sony is starting to run out of original Spidey villains, and although Kraven the Hunter and Carnage are viable candidates, Mysterio seems to be a prudent choice.

2. Deadpool

Wade Wilson, learning he had cancer, underwent a Weapon X experiment that gave him a healing power derived from Wolverines. His strength and agility increased to levels far past the limits of ordinary people. Hi healing factor has proved to regrow any limb that ends up separated, and makes Deadpool resistant to drugs and diseases.

Deadpool has come into contact with virtually every major Marvel character you can name, from Captain America, to Cable, to Galactus, to the majority of the X-Men. Known as the merc with a mouth, Deapool has worked for a variety of different factions, including X-Force, Heroes for Hire, Team Deadpool, and even Kingpin.

Why He Should Be In A Movie

I am fully aware that the character of Deadpool was portrayed by Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I am also aware that a Deadpool movie is probably coming up, I am just voicing my urgency on the matter. Deapool is one of the most increasingly popular Marvel characters, and rightfully so. His wits and supreme fighting style characterizes him among the remainder of the Marvel masses. Deadpool would be perfect for a darker movie, where his primal and graphic fighting would not go amiss. The box office would skyrocket if a Deadpool movie was ever made.

1: Taskmaster

The Taskmaster's real name in unknown, as is much of his past. However, hi talents are very unique. While many possess what is known as a photographic memory, Taskmaster possesses photographic reflexes. He could watch a someone fight, whether it be on a television set or in real life, and he could memorize that person's exact fighting styles. He uses mnemonic devices to store this knowledge in his mind, letting him accesses and utilize any fighting style at will.

Governments and criminal organizations alike have hired the Taskmaster to train them or their armies as well as super villains like Red Skull and anti-heroes like Deadpool. During the Civil War, Taskmaster was assigned to the Thunderbolts, where he fought against Captain America and his anti-registration forces.

Why He Should Be In A Movie

If you didn't pick up on it in the last paragraph, the Taskmaster trained Deapool. That alone makes him worthy of recognition. Shape-shifting characters like Mystique or Loki both lack the combat replication that Taskmaster possesses. I think it would be interesting for him to utilize his skills on screen. The most logical choice would be to put him in the Deadpool movie, seeing as he had multiple run-ins with the merc with a mouth.


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