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I know that most of you, like me, have been waiting and waiting (and waiting) for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. With word out that the first official trailer will be hitting the airwaves on Tuesday February 18th, I thought I would put together some clips of the Guardians' appearances on both animated series Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-man for those of you who perhaps have not seen them before.

The Ultimate Spider-man version is closest to the current GotG roster that they are using for the movie. The version that appeared on Avengers was modelled after the 2008 line-up which included Adam Warlock and Quasar. I edited those 2 out as much as I could and put in footage of the 5 main characters from the upcoming film. There is not much of Drax and Gamora unfortunately, but there's plenty of Rocket and Groot.

I hope you guys enjoy watching it.

If you still need to know more about who the Guardians are, check out Alisha Grauso's introduction to the Guardians articles:

Star-Lord - Rocket Raccoon - Groot - Gamora - Drax

Clips I used in this video were taken from:
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - Season 2 Episode 6 - "Michael Korvac"
Ultimate Spider-Man - Season 2 Episode 18 - "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Background music: "Guardians at the Gate" by Audiomachine


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