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Jonathan J Moya

The Lego Movie huge opening week is proof that all things Lego are starting to take over the world. Virtually every DC and Marvel comic has had there own Lego saga lovely frame by frame Lego-ized. Even the Bible has been reinterpreted with Lego blocks.

Why should the Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees be any different? The American Hustle Lego sheet is definitely a sunny improvement over the original. The Joaquin Phoenix her is almost a point on eerie redo of Joaquin Phoenix. The Dallas Buyers Club has a very Matthew McConaughey looking very sickly in yellow shade. Getting lost in space and loose from Gravity is even scarier when you are the last yellow modular block of its kind in the cosmos.

The Captain Phillips homage has the plastic Tom Hanks a little too Quinty Jaws looking and the Somali pirates two shades less threatening. The Nebraska poster is just too confusing with its Will Forte subbing for the more airy and less hairy Bruce Dern original. The Philomenia could easily be mistaken for a Harold and Maude remake. The Wolf of Wall Street well makes Leo look like he is tripping on helium and not Quaaludes. And the 12 Years a Slave one had me wondering if he is so happy why is he running away?

The artwork was done by Old Red Jalopy a British design and illustration firm that specializes in poster homages, illustration, graphic & poster design and commissioned pieces for blogs and magazines.

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