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Arjun Yadav

With Oscars just around the corner and millions across the globe awaiting the ceremony with bated breath, I took time to wonder which of the Best Picture Winners are probably the Best of all ? Often the most ardent of cinephiles are left sulking and scowling over the loss of their favorites while at times the pleasure knows no bound on watching the toil and sincere efforts of the team finally coming to fruition and decorated with the much coveted Academy Award.

The aftermath of nominations sees a humongous outcry wherein audience and critics alike voice their disdain, disappointment or appreciation with consensual enthusiasm. Although its arguable whether the Oscar is in fact the ultimate glory for a feature production, it simply cannot be denied that its the most renowned and revered of all. BAFTA comes close but the heightened glory of the OSCARS remain unscathed.

We certainly have a BOOKER of BOOKERs in Midnight's Children. Likewise do we have a similar OSCAR of OSCARS among the Best Picture Winners ? Vote for your favorite picture while I nominate mine.

1. The Godfather
2. Schindler's List
3. The Last Emperor
4. Annie Hall
5. Marty

Do comment on your favorites !


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