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The Rock is coming to HBO and he's bringing his Pain & Gain co-star Mark Wahlberg with him.

The network has given the greenlight to Ballers, a half-hour sports comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and written by Entourage scribe Steve Levinson.

The show centers on a bunch of former and current athletes and sees Johnson star as retired athlete Spencer Strasmore. Ballers also stars Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington, who plays Ricky, "a highly competitive and highly spiritual pro athlete."

Wahlberg is on board to produce the comedy, with Lone Survivor and Friday Night Lights helmer, Peter Berg, tapped to direct the pilot.

This will be Johnson's first foray into serialized TV - apart from when he wore spanx and threw himself around a ring for a living. The man oozes charisma and is underrated as a comedy actor, so Ballers should be a show worth paying attention to.

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Are you game for Ballers?


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