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By now, I am quite certain that many fans have been made aware of the three new characters that will make their debut this Sunday on an all-new episode of AMC's hit post-apocalyptic zombie extravaganza, The Walking Dead. Titled "Inmates," the episode will shed light on what the other groups of survivors have been up to ever since the prison was overrun by those wretched, flesh-eating, undead corpses. Here is a very, very brief synopsis of "Inmates:"

In the quest for stability and safety, the group faces many obstacles.

Not much can be deciphered from that sentence, unfortunately. And unless you have watched the promo for "Inmates," you would not be able to know for sure if the other survivors will be shown. If you have not watched the promo, I will add a link to it at the very end of this article [1]. Now, what about those three new characters?

As you may or may not know by now, the new characters all originate from the comics, and apparently, they have been involved in some fascinating story lines so far [2]. As I have yet to read the comics, I would not know that. But judging by what many 'TWD' fans (who evidently have read the comics) have said, they should not only be fascinating characters to watch, but they should also make the show that much more interesting. Besides, we are all still mourning the loss of Hershel. So the introduction of the three new characters may provide us some sort of relief, hopefully. Without further ado, here are the new characters, and my thoughts on each of them:

Abraham Ford (portrayed by Michael Cudlitz):

Apparently, Ford is tough on the outside, but quite hurt on the inside. He is a man who has had to go through many terrible experiences, including what happened to his family. This has always troubled him, and will perhaps continue to trouble him in the future. However, those horrid experiences have made him stronger, physically as well as mentally. And it's that toughness that has allowed him to continue surviving in a world ravaged by the walking dead.

In my opinion, Ford is the most interesting of the three newcomers. He may be the most complex of the three in terms of attitude and persona. Like I stated, he presents himself as tough and fierce to others. But, he also holds deep, emotionally-painstaking memories that could put a strain on him sometimes. That kind of character divide between a tough exterior and an emotionally-damaged interior usually means that he can turn good, as well as turn evil just as quickly. Philip, as an example, used the horrors of his past as an excuse to justify his savagery and cruelness. In the end, however, he received exactly what he had coming to him ever since the day he had Glenn tortured, and personally harassed Maggie. Let's hope that Ford does not behave or act in a similar manner to Philip.

Ford will most probably stay good. He seems to be the leader of this trio, and since he has been able to keep them alive up to this point, then he is definitely doing things the right way, or at least in a way that is optimal for continued survival. He and Rick share that complexity of character I mentioned above, as Rick has also shown toughness and aggression, but was also clearly distraught by the death of his wife, Lori. As was shown, Rick managed to overcome that incredibly difficult obstacle for the good of the group, especially for the sake of his two children, Judith and Carl. So, there is no doubt Ford can overcome his obstacles and become a great leader.

Eugene Porter (portrayed by Josh McDermitt):

Porter is the intellectual one. The one who apparently knows a ton about the zombie apocalypse. If the three have managed to survive this long, then Porter may be a big reason why, if indeed he does know a lot about zombie lore. Traveling out in the wild with someone that has that kind of knowledge can be advantageous. He would probably know the best strategies to successfully combat large herds of walkers, as well as how to escape them if need be.

However, the last "smart" person on the show who claimed to know just as much about the zombies was Milton, as in the guy who followed Philip around like a pet, while also fearing him, when they were still residing in Woodbury back in season three. If you recall, he asserted to Andrea multiple times his belief that zombies were just people who were really sick. And of course, Milton's belief almost ended up getting him killed when the "sick person" he was treating tried to take a bite out of him. Luckily for Milton, Andrea was there beside him to stab the recently-turned walker in the skull. Let's hope Porter is not Milton-type smart.

In regards to Porter, though, I get the feeling that he could be hiding deep, dark secrets. Secrets that would surely get him in trouble with Ford and Espinosa if they ever were unveiled. I am unsure as to exactly why I have that feeling about Porter; I actually had the same feeling about Milton also, but he died before we could learn more about his back story.

Rosita Espinosa (portrayed by Christian Serratos):

FINALLY!!! A Hispanic character is included in the show. And apparently, she is good-looking, too. In fact, Espinosa knows that to be a solid fact, judging by how she used to sell her body in exchange for protection during the early days of the outbreak. So, that is primarily how she has managed to stay alive this long. But, it seems she has perhaps diverged away from that in the hopes of becoming more independent. As a result, the show will most probably introduce the strong, independent side of Rosita Espinosa. At least, I am hoping that the show's makers will do that.

Furthermore, Espinosa and Ford have a thing for each other in the comics. I wonder how long it will be before the show starts to explore that relationship, assuming it will indeed be explored at some point. The only clear lovers on the show right now are Maggie and Glenn. But now that they have been separated, that relationship is currently on hold. And based on the promo for "Inmates," Maggie only has the death of her father on her mind. It seems like relationships are hard to come by in a zombie apocalypse, and they are even harder to maintain. But, we shall see if Espinosa and Ford really do have a thing for each other.

In my opinion, Espinosa could perhaps give us what Andrea never did. When Andrea was still alive, many fans did not like her all that much because the consensus was that she was too linear and passive. Towards the end of her run on 'TWD,' Andrea started to show subtle signs of leadership and hard decision-making tactics. When many of the Woodbury residents were outraged and frightened by how Rick and co. had attacked their town, Andrea managed to single-handedly settle them down, even when the Governor had refused to do so. Most of those residents were threatening to leave Woodbury, but again, Andrea quelled their angst. As a result, she ended up earning the trust and respect of her fellow residents. And when she finally (I mean, FINALLY) figured out that the Governor wanted to kill everyone at the prison, she decided to go and warn them by herself, even though she was aware of the risks. Obviously, the Governor caught her, imprisoned her, and killed her, albeit indirectly (the Governor actually killed Milton, but then Milton became zombified and bit Andrea). So, we never got a chance to see if Andrea would become less linear and more aggressive. Maybe, Espinosa will have those qualities that many viewers wished Andrea had. Traveling around with someone who is also tough and aggressive (Ford) may influence her to act the same way as a means of learning to survive independently. Whatever the case, she will most certainly bring an interesting dynamic to the show.

Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene in "Inmates"
Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene in "Inmates"

To conclude, there is no telling when these three survivors will meet any of the ones we have come to know and love. Because "Inmates" will also explore the current predicaments of the other groups as well (besides Rick, Carl and Michonne), I am uncertain if Ford, Porter and Espinosa will get a lot of screen time. My guess is that they will not get the majority of it, and so their respective back stories may not be revealed yet. And if that is the case, then they will probably spend whatever screen time is allotted to them on the run by themselves (perhaps slaying some zombies along the way). It would not be out of the question to predict that they may bump into one of the groups at the very end of the episode, though it is unlikely.

So that being said, it is time for you all to make your predictions/opinions in regards to the three newcomers. For those who have read the comics, do you like these characters? Do you think they'll make a good transition to the show? When do you think they'll bump into a familiar group, and who do you think they'll bump into first? Do not hesitate to sound off below!


[1] Glenn is in a tight spot in new 'The Walking Dead' trailer

[2] The Walking Dead preview: Abraham, Eugene and Rosita

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