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What I hope to happen is that a live-action Young Justice/Teen Titans style show airs on TV, then after being on for about two seasons it finishes off with a movie in theaters! I tried my best to incorporate actors and actresses who are actually teenagers or appear young enough to portray one. Here is my cast for the live-action Young Justice show and eventually movie.

Superboy - Dylan Sprayberry

My choice behind this casting is pretty obvious. He played young Clark Kent in "Man of Steel". Despite how people felt about that movie, it happened and it looks like Warner Brother's is planning on continuing that franchise. Having him as Superboy will be able to connect the Young Justice show to DC's cinematic universe. I will make another article on the reasons why the DC television universe should connect with the DC cinematic universe.

Miss. Martian - Annalise Basso

Fans of the CW show Nikita will recognize this actress as the young girl in season 3 episode 2. In that episode she demonstrated she has skills when it comes to playing strong female character with a dark past. Most will of you will know that Miss. Martian on Young Justice kept her true white Martian form a secret, on account of white Martians being second class citizens. Annalise has also demonstrated to be able to perform Miss. Martian’s sweet innocent personality from the film “Stand Up”.

Robin - Asa Butterfield

After seeing Asa Butterfield’s work in “Ender’s Game”, I have never been more certain that he is the one who will do justice to the character of Robin. He was intelligent, a strong leader who brought his teammates up through positive reinforcement, and still had a sense of uncertainty that comes with being a teenager. He demonstrated all the strong traits and insecurities that I want to see Robin express on the small/big screen.

Artemis - Chloë Grace Moretz

You all know her as the butt kicking, bad mouth Hit-girl, and this is what I want to see out of Artemis (maybe not as much cussing). Artemis is the daughter of the villain Sportmaster who would occasionally take her in the middle of the night and put her in a dangerous situation to see if she could survive. That kind of father is enough to make a girl have a dark side, not to mention become a bad-ass. Chloe has more than demonstrated to be capable of having a dark side and be a bad-ass.

Kid Flash - Cameron Monaghan

Red Hair? Check. Green Eyes? Check. Freckles? Check. Good Looking? Check. Adult Wally West is a player but a teenage Wally West comes off a bit awkward with his flirting. If you’ve seen this actor in “Prom” you know he can do awkward flirting and be funny! His time on “Shameless” also shows that he can provide the much needed depth that the character of Kid Flash possesses.

Aqualad - Jessie Usher

Some people may recognize this actor from the cartoon network show “Level Up”. What you may not know is that this actor is a genius! Jessie Usher “has always leaped his way to the top, learning to read and write at the age of two, he has always been a top honor student from elementary to graduating at the age of 15 with honors as the class salutatorian in high school and moving straight to the deans list in college studying the art of culinary and earning the honor of being a member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society.” (IMDb) His role in “Teenage” and “When the Game Stands Tall” shows that he can have a serious demeanor and deliver strong emotions that the role of Aqualad requires.

What do you guys think, do you like my casting choices? Who would you like to see in a live-action Young Justice show?


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