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Movies, comic books, and comic book movies... I love them all when they are well done. Here to offer my opinion on how and who can get the j
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1) Be Scientifically Accurate

While we all know it’s impossible for a human to run at super speed, the audience must make the superhero exception. If someone was capable of running at those speeds without disintegrating their bones or bursting into flames, what are some of the things they would be able to do? Run up walls, run on water, catch bullets, and vibrate their molecules to phase through solid objects; these are the things the audience wants to see! I may be alone on this but I would also like a scientific explanation as to how it’s possible that the Flash can do all these incredible feats.

2) Stay true to the Flash's personality

When Barry Allen was first introduced in the second season of Arrow some fans cried out, “That’s not the Flash’s personality! He’s supposed to be confident and funny!” I have to be honest, those fans are technically correct. Barry is usually depicted as an intelligent, funny, and confident individual, WHEN HE’S THE FLASH! That was Barry Allen w/o powers, and Grant Gustin perfectly portrayed a non-powered Barry. In the [The Flash](movie:15273) TV show Barry has his powers now, so I would like to see the other elements of his personality shine through.

3) Flash's Rogues' Gallery

Flash's Rogues getting the better of The Flash
Flash's Rogues getting the better of The Flash

Show how different the Flash is with his rogues' gallery than other heroes (he’s actually friends w/ some of them). I assume most of you have seen the leaked pilot of the new Flash TV series, but if you haven't don't worry I won't spoil it for you. Just know that I liked the way he handled his first bad guy. I would
like to continue seeing Barry handle his villains in a similar manner. The Flash should handle his villains differently than the Arrow, he should be empathic towards them seeing how most of them acquired their powers the same way he acquired his. He should try to understand why they are committing crimes and help them see the error of their ways because the Flash is a friend to all, including the villains. Of course if the villain is simply terrorizing people for their own sick enjoyment, then he should totally beat the shit out of them!

4) Crossovers!

As many of you probably know, there will be an Arrow and Flash cross-over early this season. This is exciting news and obviously we want the show to be able to exist on its own, but this is one of the few times that we have two different shows for two DC comic book characters. Due to the unfortunate news (or fortunate, depends on your viewpoint) the DC television universe will be separate from the movie universe. That being the case, let the fans see some superheroes team-up! We won’t get to see any other DC superheroes team up until 2016, so in the meantime let television keep us satisfied with more heroes meeting and fighting alongside (or against) one another.


What do you want to see in the new Flash TV show?


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