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Recently seeing a list of some films that are are getting a new makeover. I have found proof that film companies can't generate an original idea if they tried. Some films have that "unique" touch to its viewers. But every other movie out there is either and remake, sequel, or a reboot. Its sad to see that. The film industry is suppose to generate ideas that are different from the others. Sure some films need a sequel or prequel I'm not saying that, I'm not. But when they make a movie to make movie it doesn't have that same effect. Back in the old days it was a treat to see a movie, now we go to see something on a Friday night with our friends just for the hell of it. Now some films that have been remade are RoboCop, Endless Love and About Last Night. Did we really need to see remakes of those?

Some stories are getting a new twist to it. Like the Ten Commandments, Moses talks to God and yada, yada, yada. Now Exodus is releasing soon. That will star Christian Bale as Moses and will follow the story line of how Moses lead the Israelite's out of Egypt. Sure it has a similar story, but at least they tried. Now Noah is original, I haven't seen that been done before. We need more movies like The Lego Movie, Noah, Saving Mr. Banks. There have been many films in the past years that are good examples. That have that..."touch". We the viewers need to feel good to see a movie, not to see a film being remade and then we see it and can't watch the original again because to the 'remake killing it. To list some classics that weren't remakes or sequels or a reboot. Saving Private Ryan, The Usual Suspects, Goodfellas, The Final Countdown and the list goes on. We need more original ideas in this day and age. This isn't a long article or anything just a point to get a across the some of you. Below is a link to a Yahoo article about classic movies thinking of being remade. Comment below if you agree or disagree. Please leave out insults.


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