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Sampson Goliath Asfeld

Here is what they should have done:

First, instead of using quicksilver and scarlet witch, they should use captain marvel and ms. Marvel, and let quicksilver and scarlet witch belong to the x-men. since the x-men and avengers are part of two different universe according to some sources.

Second, they should of delayed the avengers 2 until june 20, 2016, because then they could bring ant-man and captain america 3 movie. Also, they could bring out a standalone Hawkeye and incredible hulk movie. In the incredible hulk standalone movie, they should bring out either of red hulk, she hulk, and/or cosmic/gray hulk.

Third, they should either kill iron man off in the second avengers or give him an iron man 4, and then kill him off or make him the director of the west coast avengers.

Fourth, they should of put Edwin Jarvis and Ultron's origins in one or more of phase 2 movies.

Fifth, if they would of brought out the cosmic/gray hulk, then they would have to either put a cameo of Thanos transforming one of his soldiers into a scientist that is in Asgard, and send him to Asgard to retrieve the tesreact, infinity gems, and bring them to Thanos to energize the cosmic/gray hulk.

They could also introduce marvel zombie with having the cosmic/gray hulk build a portal creator device that can be used to travel to different universes.he would build it before he becomes the hulk.

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what do you think they should of done for phase 2 of avengers?


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