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The film business has come to a fairly mutual agreement that Guardians of the Galaxy will be Marvel Studios' biggest gamble yet! And when it comes to movies of this proportion, featuring aliens and intergalactic battles, there's really only two outcomes: The success of Avatar and Star Wars, or the box office flop known as John Carter (which had a bigger budget than Avatar, yet made a tenth of Avatar's box office and barely had a profit of 30 million).

So what will separate Guardians of the Galaxy from being just another John Carter? I've been wondering the same thing, so I've put together a list of the reasons Guardians of the Galaxy is sure to be a success! So hold on tight with me as we analyze the stars.

1) Compelling outer-spacial scenery and action!

Concept art released by Marvel Studios showing the potential graphics of Guardians of the Galaxy
Concept art released by Marvel Studios showing the potential graphics of Guardians of the Galaxy

Without the grandiose fight scenes using unique anti-gravity battle tactics to spice up the action, one might ask why even have a space film at all? And no, John Carter's weird super jumps DON'T count. I'm talking about a spaceship's gravity generator breaking, leaving the passengers floating around, or floating mountains to host your fierce flock of space-dragons, or even an entire army of hovercraft-flying alien species attacking New York City. Futuristic alien technology and warcraft also make life much more fascinating. Marvel has already had enormous success with their appearance of the alien Chitauri race in The Avengers, there's no doubt they can pull of a universe like that on a Star Wars Universe size scale.

2) Character development, especially of the more skeptical characters.

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Even though the fact that every multi-galactic movie has managed to pull off some of the stupidest sounding, but coolest looking alien species in history, the talking animal known as Rocket Raccoon (a major character of Guardians of the Galaxy) seems to be getting criticism unlike any other... before the trailer even graces the screen. The claims are that this character will be too silly of a concept to take the film seriously, yet the Ewoks of Stars Wars, which are a species of koala/teddy bear mixed jungle people, and the wise green rat called Yoda still to this day manage to be completely believable.

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Despite the fact that raccoons are a much more believable feature to a movie than teddy bears, without deep characters that make the characters believable, everyone will just focus on the fact that he's a raccoon. Good character development of him, and possibly his close-tied friendship with Groot, would serve them well.

3) Show off the eye candy and the romance, the crowd is watching!

It's a sad but unfortunate truth. What draws in people more than fascination and curiosity is the physical appeal. Star Chris Pratt who plays Star-Lord now has a full six-pack of abs and reported he has some innuendos to sex scenes. A rather comedic interview with the actor went like this:

Interviewer: Do you get to have sex with an alien?

Pratt: Yes.

Interviewer: What!?

Pratt: A couple.

Interviewer: *Astonished* Cool. Have you shot those scenes yet?

Pratt: I can’t get too much into what we’ve shot.

Interviewer: All right. Will you show me later?

Pratt: *suggestively* Yeah, I’ll show you.

On top of Pratt's character, female lead Zoe Saldana will be playing the character of Gamora who is well known for wearing some of the most seductive clothing in Marvel history, as well as being an elite assassin, which is sure to have all the boys crawling on their knees for this alien goddess: and she almost is a goddess too, being the adopted daughter of Thanos, the real villain behind The Avengers movie. So I think it's safe to say they have the eye candy ready for us all.

4) Connections to the Marvel Universe and to the Avengers!

To be honest, I never would have been all that interested in this movie if it wasn't coming from Marvel, but because it is, I know this is going to be a great film! However, everyone knows and loves the Avengers with a great passion, so why not give the fans what they want and throw in some references to Earth's mightiest heroes! Not only will this be the last Marvel film before Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it also is the real major premiere of Thanos who is thought to be the major villain of Avengers 3. It would be a borderline sin not to include anything about the rest of the Marvel Universe.

5) Promote the living crap out the movie: Write the title in the stars!

Perhaps the biggest reason for such enormous success of Star Wars is how much stuff they managed to plaster "STAR WARS" onto every surface they could find on Planet Earth and beyond. There are more than enough spin-off TV shows, video games, iPhone apps, T-shirts, shoes, toys, action figures, underwear, tattoos, billboards, school supplies, legos, Angry Birds of Star Wars to make someone vomit enough Star Wars to fill half a black hole. The funniest part about this extremely successful marketing technique used by Star Wars... is that Guardians of the Galaxy is planning to do. just. that.

Not only does Guardians of the Galaxy have it's own animated spin-off TV series most likely coming to screens around the time of its release, it also has an entire lego set on the way, including a lego billboard featured in Lego's updated game platform as seen above. Since it's a lesser known title, advertising is going to be a huge part of revenue which considering the amount of hype it's getting before the release of its trailer (coming February 18th). Marvel's advertising co. has also released images for the advertisements on the side of drink cups at the movie theater.

If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that Marvel Studios films are amazing: even The Incredible Hulk is more spectacular of a movie than some of DC's finest. Guardians of the Galaxy will be no different than any other Marvel film: no less than spectacular.

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