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Ok, I had my rant about the lack of iconic black superheroes in the movies a few weeks ago. And, being not only an old nerd, but the whitest one you'll ever meet too, I feel it my express duty to call to your attention to another injustice to Fan-Boys everywhere! No, I'm not EVEN talking about the CW Fantastic Four right now. No, I mean the blaring inequities fans have to face in the world we live in concerning female superheroes. For example, where are all the strong female lead characters? Well?

So far in the golden age of superhero movies, we've seen a spattering of some of our favorites, but have they actually been given the attention and in-depth character work that characters like Superman, Spider-man and Batman have gotten?

Most of the time, all we see in the movies is the significant leading lady like Mary Jane, Lois Lane and Gwen Stacy. Where is the Black Cat? I mean, really? And, when we DID get female superheroes, we either got Halle Barry as Catwoman (Cringe!), or a Silk Spectre (who seems to only be there for the sex scenes) or we got them as a part of a team and not really given much time to show us the character. I'm thinking of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men mainly. We got Sue Storm and Storm aka Ororo Monroe with anemic roles as well as back of the bus development. Jean Grey who led the way in the third X-Men movie came off a little flat. Out of those three movies, only Rogue (played by Anna Panquin) demonstrated any long term back-story and build.

The best we can look back on may be Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman or the super strong attitude of a Hit Girl played by Chloe Moretz or the heroic Pepper Pots (don’t tell me she’s not a superhero; she wore the Iron Man armor, right?) played by the incomparable Gwyneth Paltrow.

I believe we're headed into a glorious time! We just experienced the first Avengers movie with not only the best all around ensemble cast but a decently strong female character in the Black Widow. And, with the sequel coming in 2015, we can look forward to the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Ms. Marvel (?) which are two very strong Marvel female characters from the comics. And, this summer, Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy, gives us hope.

I guess the greatest hope we have of a REAL powerful female superhero (in their OWN movie even) is Wonder Woman coming in the near future. But this is quite a gamble especially with all the news coming out of the woodwork concerning Batman vs Superman (working title) that has sent comic book fans into a frenzy with each and every bit of information leaked.

So, what’s a fan-boy to do besides rant and rave (guilty) or wait and see? Just hope and pray brother. Hope and pray.


Who has a better shot at a solo shot with a FEMALE lead?

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