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Michael Williams Jr.

We have all had the privilege of watching Grant Gustin play as the slow, intelligent, bumbling Barry Allen. For those of us who are hardcore Flash fans, it seemed like a nearly perfect representation of who we would all imagined a young, more immature version of Barry Allen would be. On that note January 29th there was an announcement that The Flash has been approved for a pilot episode. After over 20 years of waiting, begging, and pleading. The Flash finally gets his redemption... Or could it be.

I may be one of the biggest Flash fanatics out there, reading any comic of his I can find and get my hands on. But even the biggest fan needs to think logically, there has been a reason why The Flash has been unheard of in the film and television industry for nearly 23 years. How are they going to depict his superpowers? They simply can't go back to him just being a red blur, we need a more creative and inventive way to depict superpowers such as super speed.

Now why make a fuss about someone who can run fast. Isn't it obvious? Barry Allen has been around nearly 60 years. Not just some who can 'run fast' but as one of the most defining moments in comics. Yes, Barry Allen, showcase number 4 was the start of the silver age of comics. Not only that he is one of the founding member of the Justice League of America, and he has saved the world on countless occasions.

The Flash deserves as much as a superhero movie franchise as Superman OR Batman. Here's the big question, it is clear that The Flash deserves his own TV series or Movie.

But do you think Grant Gustin could deliver the right performance as The Flash as well as Barry Allen? To lock in and start a new legacy, a new age of comic movies?


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