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Kieran McMullen

Ladies and gentlemen, I have had the most incredible idea. It is an idea you will probably want to punch me for even suggesting or you will agree with straight away and slowly applaud. It's that controversial... probably.

Now, RDJ cannot be Iron Man forever. He just can't. I'm not sure he even wants to do the gig much any more. Now all of us love Iron Man (you wouldn't have clicked this article if you didn't, and I think that's quite clever).

Amidst all the talk of Tony stark retiring, quitting, or getting killed at some point (or RDJ just being too expensive to keep), I just get the feeling we'll need a new Iron Man eventually if there'll ever be an Iron Man 4. There is just too much metal-clanging goodness to be had for the MCU to be without Iron Man.

Now if Tony Stark can no longer be Iron Man, no longer be the main attraction, or no longer be breathing... A new man must step up.

This man must be able to shoulder the weight of Iron Man AND Tony Stark, self confessed genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. This man must be a technological genius, must be a volcano of charisma, must be the smartest and funniest guy in the room, must be able to pilot a bad-ass piece of machinery with mass-destructive capabilities.

This man must also be a prick.

Now, Rhodey is good and all, as is Pepper, but has there ever been a truly perfect replacement for Tony in most of the comics? If there is then I haven't heard of them.

We need....

Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer... as Iron Man.

"I call it the Ex-Con."
"I call it the Ex-Con."

I mean it. Think about it, think about a reformed (but still a massive tool) Justin Hammer as the Armored Avenger.

He ticks all the boxes, he's a technological genius on a good day and could go up against Tony Stark on a bad day, that's pretty damn impressive. He's got so much personality it's almost dripping off him and he's damned entertaining to watch. He's a prick and then some. And in some universes, he's the Titanium Man.

Metaphorical Only
Metaphorical Only

But does he have to be a bad guy in this one? I mean, in the MCU, SHIELD originally wanted Emile "The Abomination" Blonski to be an avenger. They're more than willing to grant second chances when they need members for the team. If I was replacing Tony Stark, I'd definitely pick the man who can bust Tony Stark's chops.

So I'd like to put Justin Hammer forward, to replace Tony Stark in the armory. I'd vote for him. Sam Rockwell has expressed an interest in playing the character again, so what more do you want!?

Leave a comment below if you have strong feelings either way on the subject.


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