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As we are vastly approaching a superhero summer, I have to talk about the villains I wanna see. Out of all the superheroes that I want to discuss, my favorite is Spider-Man.

Although I think that introducing such a vast array of bad guys in only the second installment is a bit too much, my thoughts turn to who will be coming next. Here is the villain that I want to see in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Herman Schultz a.k.a. Shocker

A high school dropout, Schultz was a brilliant engineer who used his intelligence for burglaries instead of legitimate employment. After being incarcerated, Schultz developed a pair of gauntlets for his arms that shoot air blasts at very high frequencies, and an insulated suit that could withstand the recoil and electrocution from the gauntlets. These blasts are strong enough to break through walls, bank vaults, and Spider-Man's bones, although the Webhead tends to be too much for Schultz on regular occasions.

Shocker was always one of my favorites as a kid, in the comics and the animated series. He's hasn't come to life in the last ten years and I'm praying that he's brought to the big screen soon. My hint that it will be soon...Shocker is part of the Sinister Six, the very team that's been hinted at in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Now for the really controversial part, my choice for who plays Schultz. I choose Josh Holloway, the actor best known for his role as Sawyer in the television series, Lost. Although he's been hinted at as a possible Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League feature film, I like his bad guy roles the most.

Like my choice? Hate it like crazy? Comment your thoughts below. I'd love to hear what villains you guys want to see in upcoming superhero flicks!


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