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So we've got all these big, block-buster, superhero movies coming out for the next decade it seems. But what about all the shows? The shows that can give you over 20 hours of superhero, action, entertainment. There's heaps coming out, to be honest they all sound like they're going to last a fair while, even before the pilot has even aired...

DC Comics are going quite swimmingly with their small screen projects. With Smallville, the Superman origin television series, finishing up with 10 Seasons in 2011 and getting a great response from superhero fans and newcomers. And with the new hit Arrow, an epic TV show about the Green Arrow (in this case, The Arrow), is going seemingly amazing in it's second season. Brining in iconic comic book characters and new ones that can't make the experience any less enjoyable. Now the creators of Arrow making a Flash spin-off series, coming this Fall, with the introduction of super powers in it's universe. There have been whispers of a Suicide Squad spin-off and another one that follows the characters of team of Young Justice.

DC Comics have got more planned for their small screen, with 2 other new shows coming in Fall this year. Constantine, being developed by the NBC, and Gotham, the origin story of Commissioner James (Jim) Gordon, being developed by Fox. Gotham have released a lot of information on the upcoming Fox series. With Ben McKenzie playing the role of the soon to be Commissioner, Robin Lord Taylor, to play the villainous Oswald (The Penguin) Cobblepot, and son of the Third Doctor, Sean Pertwee, is playing the beloved Alfred Pennyworth. Details of the Pilot have also been released, it is to be centred around an investigation of the shooting in an alley of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Another CW show is also to come, but is not known when, Hourman. A hero that discovers he has the power to see when someone is going to die an hour into the future, he then uses this power to save lives and win back his divorced wife and his son. But DC aren't the only ones with plans, it seems that Marvel is also going forward with small screen projects. With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a bit over half way through it's first season, there have been rumours of an Agent Carter show in the works. According to various sources, actress Hayley Atwell, has stated that she would be interested in returning to the role of Agent Peggy Carter if they would make the show. Dominic Cooper, who played Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger, has also said that if he was wanted back to play the role in the television show he would. But Marvel isn't going to stop with just two shows, they have made a deal with Netflix to create 5 new shows, 4 of them based on one to the following characters; Daredevil, Iron First, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Then once all characters have had their estimated 13 episodes, they would collaborate in an epic mini-series called The Defenders, all starting out in 2015.

It looks like we're getting quite spoilt with so much superhero entertainment and looking forward to watching every minute of it!


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