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"This series will leave you wanting more and will hook you in from the first page" - Sarah E. Rae

Vampire Academy, written by Richelle Mead, is not just another 'teenage, vampire series' with bland main characters and predictable twists and turns which even a toddler could predict. This series is not the next Twilight, not another book to movie adaptation where you think you already know what's going to go down before you sit down. This series changed my thoughts and feelings on the entire vampire genre. Before I couldn't help but compare everything I saw to Twilight, which is horribly unfair but understandable as that's all I'd watched and heard about through the media and friends at school.

Vampire Academy manages to take the ideas in your head about the glittery, pale faced, blood sucking race of vampires, and spin it around in a new direction and give it a totally new purpose. For one, this series backs everything up with mythology, and before you start blabbering on about how "ugh well this series isn't original if it copies mythology". Richelle Mead takes all the legends and gives it her own original twists, which in turn transforms the old folklore into something more believable but still unique and incredibly fascinating to read about.

"Seeing through a young woman's eyes, reading her thoughts and feelings, and getting swept away with her actions.Rose is an original person, there is none other like her. She loves who she is and what she looks like, she isn't ashamed of herself and she isn't afraid of showing who she is and what she stands for. She isn't afraid to speak her mind even if important people doesn't want to hear her uncomfortable truth. Rose is a role model for young girls. She has one firm goal and she stops at nothing to reach it. Protecting her best friend, Lissa, and keeping her alive. She values their friendship over everything else. Not even falling deeply in love with her seven year older mentor makes her re-prioritize her goal to protect her best friend. Though, this is the greatest threat to get her attention away from her goal. She is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for Lissa's safety." - Emma Malm.

"Vampire Academy represents the power of friendship and love. With a female lead who's motivation is literally to protect those she loves most. The movie does an excellent job representing that motivation in Rose." - Chelsea Gouin.

Rose Hathaway, Vampire Academy's kick ass heroine is one of the main reasons why so many people have managed to connect with the story and the world. Rose isn't a character to stand down and let people walk all over her. She's incredibly bold and brash and tells it how it is, even if people don't want to listen to what's screaming at them in the face. She's also beautiful, and sometimes even a little childish, but isn't that what every person living on the planet is like sometimes?

Rose isn't just brave and determined, she's also incredibly vulnerable and desperate to do whatever in her power to protect the ones she loves from being hurt, which sometimes even sacrifices her own happiness. She's an incredibly selfless person, and readers can learn from reading about how sometimes you have to forget about yourself, and concentrate on what you can do to make others happier. This doesn't mean Rose always does this, but her role of being a 'Guardian' to royal vampire best friend Lissa puts into true perspective how one's love (romantic, and friendship wise) can transform what you do and don't do in your life.

"Vampire Academy is not just a vampire story like any other. It symbolizes friendship, devotion and the hardship of life and love. Once you get sucked in, there's no going back." - Nina Guy"Vampire Academy made me who I am today. I wouldn't have even made it out of resource with out these novels. Rose is a woman who gives you hope, that there is another world waiting for you to discover. With out her I wouldn't be as far as I am today. Vampire academy changed my life as well as so many other people on this planet." - Echo Wade

Everybody goes through friendship, heartbreak and making your own choices which could affect you later on, so Vampire Academy is like reading your own life, except I don't think most people go to secret Academies which take charge on the teaching of MOROI (mortal vampires) who can wield magic, and the training of their close relatives, the DHAMPHIRS (half vampires btw) who protect them against their most evil and frightening enemies, the STRIGOI (nasty, undead vampires) who kill for blood which in turn gives them immortality. See all those words? I don't think you see them everyday.

Vampire Academy is so unique and special to those who read the books and make friends through that huge web of literature, media and love. It's not everyday you see thousands of fans pull together to try and make sure they get another installment, another movie, which deepens the twists and turns of the series, and takes it up to a whole new level of heartbreak and passion.

Vampire Academy is just the start of such a stunning, action packed and friendship fuelled story, do you really want to part yourself with just the beginning? Just a tiny taster into a brand new and startlingly clear world? No, you don't. We want to make this second movie happen, but only you can help us.

The needs your help. Go and see Vampire Academy now!

More quotes from Fans:
"If you wanna get away,just turn the first page&you‘ll be gone!<3" - Myrto Williams

""Only your best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies." - Habeebah Mohammed
"My favorite thing about VA is it's unlike other YA books in certain ways. Seems like in most YA fantasy books/movies there is always someone coming in and telling the main character who or what she is... taking her by the hand and explaining the world to them. In VA Rose knows exactly who she is and understands her world. She is strong and doesn't take crap from anyone. I like how the romance takes a backseat and Lissa and Rose's friendship gets the spotlight. It's nice to show a female relationship that no matter what happens, if they fight, or what boys they love, they will always be there for each other. I guess I just love the strong female lead." - Allison Powers
"I don't believe in angels. I believe in what Ii can do for myself." - Adelisa Ivashkov

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