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As a fan of everything super, Michael feels it is his duty to release new and exciting details surrounding everyones favorite movies.
Michael Williams Jr.

Simply put, in the last 7-8 years the world of cinematography has been bombarded by superheroes, and super powered beings. Now being a massive fan of the comic universe and what they are doing here I have no complaints. I do want to point out how this new take on the world of fiction is affecting reality.

In the past decade there have been many characters and movies that are depicted in or lightly based on comic book heroes. Such as Blade, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and of course more better known classics such as the Spider Man Franchise (Original and reboot) and the glorious resurrection of everyone's favorite ass-kicking crime fighter Batman. Now there is no doubt that bringing these characters back, or introducing them to the big screen has had a great impact on the comic world and the way the entertainment industry is adapting to what others have taking to calling "The New Age of Superheroes".

But we all have a question "Why are there so many superhero movies, and why now?". Well I've done my research into the subject and I have come across some very interesting, albeit simple reasons for this brash new take on cinema. By far the easiest and most recognizable reason is..... As the world progresses into more advanced technological effects and the visual effects have brought a new take on heroes, able to make them come alive from the pages of the comics, into all their bad ass, ass kicking glory. Take Superman for instance, if it wasn't for today's advances in special effects we wouldn't have we been able to show Superman in all his high and mighty ways, such as making the most realistic fight scenes and explosions the world has ever seen. Taking someone obviously dangling helplessly on a wire, to flying thousands of miles in an instant.

Now why is the "Superhero Age" such a success? Well, once you thing about it the answer is really quite simple. The world has constant reminders of everyday heroes, such as reading the paper and hearing of a fireman rescuing a woman from a burning building, or even a policeman taking down a drug ring. Heroes are everywhere, why not make the super? The world has marveled at comics for over 60 years. Such as making wishes to be a "Superman" or a "Batman" or even to meet heroes such as them. The way we bring heroes to life on the big screen, the way we introduce everyday people, to beings possessing gifts on par with gods, to a vigilante with a fat wallet, to even someone capable of ending the world with a flick of the wrist. It is the wonder that gets us, the wonder and unimaginable awe we get seeing people we have read about so much they feel like family, finally alive. Will bring a sparkle to even Lex Luthor's eyes.


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