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Blux Capacitor

Marvel & Disney are pumping out great movies, with Phase 2 coming along greatly and rumors for movies for Phase 3 have even surfaced. Although we won't find out for a while what the plans are for the movies exactly, we can always imagine what would be a great movie.

It seems that it's pretty straight forward what's going to happen for Phase 3. We already know that Ant-Man will be the first out of the probable 5 movies to come. Although we don't know how it'll play out, we do know that we're going to have Paul Rudd play the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, and Michael Douglass as an old Hank Pym. Captain America 3 is pretty much certain, a statement that the people at Marvel were so happy with the production of The Winter Solider that it's quite certain they'll make another one. They'll probably chuck in another Thor, seeing as The Dark World got such great response and made a lot of money. It's been rumored that there will be a Doctor Strange movie, and seeing as Kevin Feige has said that he would like one, it's probably going to happen. Then there's Avengers 3... Seeing as they're pretty much setting up for Thanos to come into it and be the big bad of the Universe (Cinematic and the actual Universe), wouldn't it be better to wait until they had more Avengers? E.g. Black Panther, Miss Marvel? That's why I think they should wait until Phase 4 for an Avengers about Thanos and instead... Avengers: World War Hulk. If you don't know what the World War Hulk story line is, than I suggest you go look it up, plus I think it would be a great character build for Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner & The Hulk.

Now for Phase 4 idea's, first up I believe strongly that they should make an Iron Man 4, when you've got a franchise like Iron Man, it'd be great to expand on it. Adding a new villain or even maybe bring back Ben Kingsley as a nastier, grittier, reborn version of the Mandarin. Next on the list is Black Panther, pretty much because everyone wants to see it and it would be amazing. Ant-Man 2 could be one that would be good to see, to develop Paul Rudd's Scott Lang and to delve deeper into Ant-Man's world and if they don't add wasp in the upcoming one, this would be a good chance to. When you've got characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye who have been working together with S.H.I.E.L.D. for years, it'd be great to get a movie about the two of them. Seeing more chemistry between them, seeing more badass action sequences and getting Hawkeye some more screen-time and to see him use his abilities more.

But it seems the way a lot of people are thinking these days is that the movies have to be based on just one character with other little superhero roles alongside. What if we got like a movie that had the likes of Iron Man, Thor and the Cap all in one movie together. It's not like the Phases are going to go on forever so they can't keep expanding the universe with adding characters and just give them all a solo film each.

Comment what you would like to see in the next couple of Phases. I hope you're looking forward to the upcoming movies as much as I am!


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