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At one point during Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn - sporting his iconic riot gear and surprisingly fever free - turns to Tara and implores her to help him escape and find Maggie.

"Who's Maggie?" Tara somewhat redundantly asks.

"She's my wife," replies Glenn.

What? Maggie and Glenn are married? Did I miss something? I started to panic, thinking I must have forgotten an episode. I furiously wracked my brain, hoping that I could conjure up some memory of a wedding ceremony and considered the terrible possibility that I might have dozed off during a previous episode and missed something. But I draw a blank. I definitely don't remember a Walking Dead wedding.

So what does this all mean? Are Glenn and Maggie really married?

My first thought was Glenn was simply referring to Maggie as his "wife" because that's how he sees her now. The couple got engaged at the end of Season 3 when Glenn proposed using the ring of a rotting walker - because nothing says "I love you" more than decaying flesh-juice on an engagement ring. So perhaps him saying they were married was just a simple turn of phrase. A comforting sentence in a time of unspeakable terror.

But then I cast my mind back to an earlier scene in "Inmates" when Maggie was dispatching a bus-load of walkers in search of Glenn. Unless my mind was playing tricks on me, I thought I spied a second band on her finger as well as the engagement ring.

Did they tie the knot and not tell anybody? Perhaps they got married between Seasons 3 and 4 and kept it a secret.

I guess we'll find out more if and when Maggie and Glenn are reunited once again.

What do you think? Did Glenn and Maggie get married and keep it a secret or was it just a turn of phrase? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below or let me know over on Twitter.


Are Glenn and Maggie married?


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