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Last night's episode of The Walking Dead was a reunion of sorts with both baby Judith and Carol returning to the fold.

As we revealed last week, Lil' Ass-kicker is alive and screaming thanks to Tyreese and his big baby-craddling arms, but it was the return of Carol that was probably the most surprising comeback.

We always knew that Carol was going to make a return, but I didn't think that she'd come out of exile so soon this season.

And what a dramatic return it was.

With Tyreese declaring hammer time on a bunch of ravenous walkers - but failing to save a family under attack - Carol emerged from the forest, knife bloody and steely of gaze.

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It was a timely return that prevented the death of baby Judith. I'm certain that the baby would have been smothered to death if she hadn't shown up. Now, I'm not saying that Lizzie is a little psycho, but her callous disregard for human life suggests to me that she was more than likely responsible for the death of Karen and David and would have killed Judith if Carol hadn't intervened.

Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see how Tyreese reacts if/when he finds out why Carol wasn't at the prison. He's happy to see her now, but all that will change if he (wrongly) believes she was responsible for killing his girlfriend. And what will Rick do when the group finally gets back together and he discovers that Carol has broken the conditions of her exile?

There are going to be some awkward conversations around the campfire in the coming weeks.

In a Moviepilot first, we're going to live blog during next week's episode of The Walking Dead. They'll be mayhem, bloodshed and tears (and that's just in the MP office), so come and join us for loads of undead chat, reaction and fallout. In the meantime, hit me up on Twitter if you want to discuss all things TWD.


Do you think Lizzie would have killed Judith?


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