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To be honest, I've been pretty blatantly skeptical about this next entry into Sony's "Amazing" franchise for the titular webhead. I've watched the trailers, judged them thoroughly and have been curious as to how this film will do anything but wear us out with its onslaught of villains and CGI.

That said, I have great news. These new featurettes are a glimmer of hope for massive Spidey fans like myself. This sequel may still disappoint immensely, but for now, I'm finding it OK to be a little optimistic.

The first featurette is called "The Price of Being a Hero," and it tackles one of Spider-man's most compelling character themes: how can one man balance the extraordinary responsibilities of both his personal and superheroic life?

What do you think? Will this be a much-needed redemption story for one of cinema's most spastic superhero franchises?


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