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I would think to anyone serious about their comics that this wouldn't be considered a spoiler. Seeing as she died in the comics back in the seventies, it shouldn't come as any surprise that this is the buzz for AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2. Ever since the stills from the new trailer (see below) have started circulating showing Peter Parker mourning over someone and giving just the tiniest bit of a snipet of blonde hair, it has sent the fan boys a buzzin'!

But the question that dogs the mind of those making the movies is how do you make a great movie with surprising plot twists and shock endings and not thumb your noses at Continuity totally. CAN you stick to the script and still make a great movie? Do you have to change things up to make it exciting?

Which brings us to the final thought. Does Gwen Stacy have to die? And, if she doesn't, does that wreck it for the fan boys? How far do you go to walk the line?

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