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James D Seigars

My plot idea for Amazing Spiderman 3: We are all assuming that Gwen Stacy will die in ASM2 because of her being spotted in clothes similar to the ones Gwen died in during the comics storyline, but they haven't introduced MJ yet, So I think they will have it end with Gwen being kidnapped and Peter getting a note to meet the goblin at the bridge, then leaving out his window.

ASM3 would start there and show Peter meeting whomever plays MJ in a flashback scene with Harry Osborn since she is his Girlfriend at the time. It would then show MJ breaking up with Harry and going to comfort Peter after Gwen's death. After that Harry would almost kill them both in his Green Goblin persona. They would date throughout the film with her figuring out that Peter is Spiderman along the way. She would reveal this Information to Peter after seeing him and Puma fighting in the Apartment. He would decide that he can trust her and they would get Married about the Climax of the film. After the Honeymoon, the original Kraven the Hunter would capture, drug, and bury Spiderman alive while taking over his Identity. Peter would escape and defeat Kraven only to have MJ kidnapped by Jonathon Caesar, A wealthy obsessed fan. She would escape and have him put in prison only to have him use his influence to have them evicted. She would also be blacklisted. During this time, Harry would die and Peter's parents who are shown in ASM2 will return only to be discovered as fakes. They would go their separate ways during a montage afterword. Peter would then tell MJ that he has decided to give up being Spiderman and they would kiss as the movie ends.

So, what do you think? Is this a plausible Plot for ASM3? If not is it too long or too short? let me know in the comments below and as always follow me on [email protected] or on Facebook at the entertainment writer.


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