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My reports from yesterday's article have been confirmed! Read here first: Age of Ultron: Filming Begins with Leaks. The Hulk is most definitely the main character of the first 10 minutes of Age of Ultron, seen wrecking Johannesburg, South Africa in his insanely huge and muscular green form. This week is sure to prove just how much Marvel has in store for us! Not only did Avengers: Age of Ultron begin filming within the past seven days, but now Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy trailer will be premiering TOMORROW!

CLICK HERE To See Video of light screening for The Hulk in Johannesburg! The big, green, fist-beating machine we all know and love and constantly quote from ("I'm always angry" and "Pu-ny God") surprisingly starts off as thin air and a FOAM MODEL of the big guy from the shoulders up that they pay people to run around like little monkeys and spin in circles for their entertainment. Just kidding guys! The video above is actually a light test to the CGI graphics so they will have the right colors for the lighting of the location (as the Hulk's colors would be much darker if they were filming at night, etc.)

CLICK HERE To See Video of Extras filming an action scene that will have the Hulk edited in with CGI Effects! If you look, you can see red lines on the ground for the pathway of the car to follow which will be digitally removed later. Later on during editing, a CGI Hulk will be added, probably punching the ambulance (I think that's an ambulance?) and maybe even roaring at the screaming and running people.

This is in addition to yesterday's leaked photos which I'll add below in case you decided not to read the article I linked to at the top of the page ;)

One More Video Released Today!

And the only official trailer for the movie, which was also the announcement trailer to the movie's title "Age of Ultron" here:


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